Arkansas…Naturally a Good Time









Ben and I traveled to Arkansas to spend time with my mom and other family members at the end of May/early June.  It was such a blessing to have 10 whole days to hang out with my mom.  I referred to her as Ms. Daisy and I was her driver.  We spent time running errands, getting some lab work done and of course…getting pedicures!!  Here’s a recap from our time together.

The day before we left, Ben helped me pack up our stuff.  Here’s a cute clip of us talking about our flight the next morning.  Whenever we talk about planes with Ben he’ll immediately point up to the sky and then blow air out of his mouth making a “whew” sound.  At the end of the clip he notices the neighbor out walking her dog, Mojo.  That’s him “barking” at Mojo.

Finally, after an uneventful flight…we had arrived in the natural state!!  We enjoyed lots of fun times outside at Grandma and Grandpa’s house!


Ben liked to go on walks around the yard with Grandpa.










Here we are enjoying dinner out back…apparently howling is a very normal dinner time ritual in our family!!


He absolutely loved this Razorback flag at Grandma’s house.  When we were inside he peered longingly out the window at it and as soon as the front door opened he’d make a b-line for it.









Grandpa and Grandma bought a special little pool for the grand kids to splash and play in.  Ben spent a lot of time climbing in and out and in and out of the water, then he’d take a break from his busy activities for a nice refreshing drink of…pool water…yummy!









One afternoon mom and I took Ben to the playground down the street from her house.  Ben loved every minute of it!











Khloee and Ben played with sidewalk chalk while Laci (sitting up like a big girl!!) supervised in her adorable white hat.










We took a break from all of our outside activities to stop in at Rick’s Bakery to cool off and grab a delicious treat!!









We also celebrated two super special birthdays while we were there…my dad celebrated his birthday on June 2nd and Khloee celebrated her birthday on June 7th! 









I always LOVE IT when our trip coincides with birthday parties…I hate missing out on family stuff like that.  For my dad’s big day we celebrated at PF Changs.  We had a lovely evening and pigged out on some delectable food!!  (The babies were at home with the babysitter.)









A few days later we celebrated Khloee’s sixth birthday at LokomotionIMG_7706







I’m pretty sure Ben was quite overwhelmed by all of the commotion and loud noises, but he handled it quite well.  He got to ride on some of those motorized vehicle toys for the first time which was quite fun to watch. 









Hunter, Landon and Kayla after bumper boats.  Clearly they were having so much fun and definitely hyped up on lots of sugar!!









And for the record…Kayla and I smoked and I mean SMOKED everyone else on the go-karts!











When we arrived in Arkansas Ben hit the ground running…literally.  He wasn’t really walking that much before we left other than the times we would really encourage him to stand up and walk.  By the end of our trip I felt like “he was run-ning”!!



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