West Coast Family

Brothers and Sister w Ben








We were very excited to have Ben’s Uncle Matt and Aunt Amanda (Jake’s  brother and sister) come and visit us in Florida at the end of June!  Matt lives in San Francisco, CA and Amanda lives in Olympia, WA so it is always a special treat to see them, AND that they both came to visit at the same time was extra special!!  This was Ben’s first time to meet his Uncle Matt (he was working overseas when Ben was born)!!  Here are the highlights from our time together:

Ben loved hanging out with his Uncle Matt.  As a special surprise Ben learned to say “Matt” right before he came to visit!









One morning we went to a birthday party in the neighborhood for Ben’s little friend, Olivia.  I’m pretty sure this was Matt’s first time to attend a birthday party where the majority of the attendees averaged about two years of age!  It was a water themed party with all kinds of kiddie pools, sprinklers and a slip n’ slide.  Thank goodness for all of the water to help cool us off…it was hot!  In this pic Ben had just finished polishing off a cupcake with blue icing!!









Amanda and Nichole along with Baby Cameron drove over from Daytona that afternoon to spend the rest of the day with us.  Here we are watching the kids play in Ben’s room.  Ben and Cameron were super cute together!  She’s giving him a big smooch in that last pic!











Ben and Cameron 3

During our plumbing fiasco, the super nice woman that took my initial semi-frantic call started inquiring about our last name…specifically she wanted to know if it was German.  When I replied with a “yes” she stated that we “just had” to try out this authentic German restaurant named Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe.  So that evening we decided to try it out and sure enough…it was delicious…schnitzel, sausage, sauerkraut and more!  What fun we had trying out a sampling of many things from the menu! 








Next stop, the ice cream shop! 


















Uncle Matt reading “Ten Apples Up On Top” to Ben before bedtime.









The next day was Father’s Day!











It was also a very special day because Baby Cameron was baptized at Ryan and Nichole’s church in Daytona.  We were honored to share the day with them!!     
















The day before she left, Aunt Amanda joined us at the library for story time!  Matt and Amanda, Thank you for coming to visit us!!  We miss you lots already!



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2 responses to “West Coast Family

  1. Amanda

    It was such a lovely trip.Thanks for being such terrific hosts.

  2. Matt and Yvonne

    Great pictures! We can’t wait to see everyone again!

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