Party! Party! Party! Party! (Part 1)

On the morning of July 3rd, Jake, Ben and I headed out bright and early to the airport.  With Jake’s busy work schedule it isn’t too often that we all get to travel back to Arkansas together for a visit.  However, with the 4th of July holiday approaching plus Jake’s need to make a business trip to Remington’s Little Rock office, this was the perfect opportunity to travel together. 

The flight started off just right when we learned that we had an empty seat in our row.  Ben was thrilled to have his own space…and so were we!  For those of you that have traveled with toddlers you know what a blessing that was!  We managed to keep our busybody busy by reading books, eating snacks, mingling with the neighbors behind us (they didn’t seem to mind too much that Ben had his face smushed between the seats staring at them) and taking a stroll up and down the aisle.










Once we arrived in NWA we stopped by the pharmacy where Tim and Candice both just happened to be working that day.  Ben had lots of fun exploring the place…he wanted to go back behind the pharmacy counter so very badly.  There was also this little old lady there that was very interested in Ben.  She asked me his name…I told her Ben…she replied, “Charlie, that’s a cute name!”  Charlie, Ben…whatever…she was having such a good time talking to him it didn’t matter what his name was!









We were able to spend some quality time with Ben’s grandma and grandpa that weekend before they left for the week for treatment at CTCA











The last time we came to visit they bought him some really cool trucks that light up and make sounds.  Turns out…Ben’s not the only one that really enjoys playing with them!


That evening we made our way out to Jill and David’s house.  They hosted the Fourth of July festivities at their place this year.  They were wonderful hosts!!  At about 8:30 that night, Jill, Kayla and I ventured out to Wal-Mart to pick up a few “necessities” for our holiday festivities the next day. 

Crazy ladies on aisle five.  Check.  Essential party tiaras.  Check. 

We were suffering from sheer exhaustion and needless to say we were quite delirious by the time we returned home roughly three hours later.  As we walked through the back door sporting our fancy $1 tiaras David asked quizzically, “What did you do?!?”  I think we’ve been banned from any future late night outings to Wal-Mart (at least until our husbands forget about the whole incident)!
















A little rain was NOT going to ruin our big day (although the giant bolts of lightening and booming thunder were a bit scary at times).  Thankfully it subsided before long and we were ready to celebrate.  Party! Party! Party! Party!  (I’ll digress for a second…Ben and I checked out a book the other week at the library about an elephant and a pig that go to a party.  Throughout the book it repeats…Party! Party! Party! Party!  So now anytime I think of a party/celebration I can’t help but think…Party! Party! Party! Party!)  Anywho, we had the guys cooking outside while the ladies worked on many delectable dishes inside.  Then we just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the day with family!











And to end the evening (to a very spectacular day), Jake and Tim put on quite the fireworks display.  Here’s the grand finale…”Love on Fire”!  (Ben was sleeping in a bedroom on the side of the house where we were shooting off fireworks…amazingly enough, he slept through the entire thing!)  Enjoy the show!

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  1. I love all the pictures on this post! First of all, Jackson has that same book that Ben is looking at on the plane. My mom got it for him for the plane ride to India. He loves it! (Do I see first class seats behind you? Ooh la la!)

    Love seeing all of you together at the cookout. Those cookies that Kayla was decorating looked scrumptious!

    “Love on Fire” was spectacular. I have Jackson here with me watching it and he was blowing out the fire while we were watching.

    Matt and Stacey were here last week and we were talking about how we should come and visit you guys sometime soon…want some visitors? I’d love to make it work. E-mail me good times to come.

    Love you guys!