Bye Bye Bear

A few nights ago Jake came across this article in the local news about two bears that were killed recently in our area.  As many of you know we’ve had a bear visit our backyard twice since we moved in just a little over a month ago.  Most recently Jake, Ben and I all witnessed the bear take a leisurely stroll through our backyard…he even came within a few feet of our back porch!!  (Jake thought he weighed 200-300 pounds.)  It turns out we actually haven’t seen him for about the last two weeks so we’ve been wondering, “Could our bear be one of the bears discussed in the article above?” 

The day before we moved in our neighbor told us that her oldest son saw the bear in their backyard and he began yelling, “help, help, help!”  Thankfully he wasn’t hurt, but since that time he’s been having nightmares about the bear and waking up crying during the middle of the night.  The last time Jake mowed the yard he made sure to keep the back door unlocked just in case he needed a quick escape route and as a back-up plan he carried a knife in his back pocket for protection.  Then just yesterday we were playing in Ben’s room and out of the blue he started pointing to the window asking, “bear?” “bear?” “bear?”  There have even been a few times when he’s asked about the bear and then started crying and frantically trying to climb up my legs like he is scared.  Jake and I have started spelling out b-e-a-r when we talk about it so that Ben doesn’t get upset.  Unfortunately, I really think he has picked up on all of our “very concerned” conversations about the bear and now we have scared him.  So with this most recent bear news in mind, when he asked about the bear again yesterday I told him that the bear went “bye bye” and he seemed to be satisfied. 

I hope I’m right…I hope the bear has gone bye bye.  However, if it is our bear I’m sorry he had to go that way…it’s unfortunate that he couldn’t have been taken away to a safe place (we were told by our HOA that there was nothing they could do because the bears are protected).  But at the same time I feel like it might be a blessing in disguise.  We can stop living in fear of the bear and get out and play in our backyard!!


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  1. Jill Weikel

    Well, I’m glad to hear that the bear might be gone. Isn’t it funny how kids can pick up the fear in the parents voice and know that there is something wrong and how they can relate from what you are saying to the object in what you are talking about. Ben is a very bright young man. He knows that something was wrong. Ben auntie Jill loves you!!!
    Love you guys!!!

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