16 Months…A Recap











At Ben’s most recent check-up he weighed in at 24 pounds and was 32 inches tall.  He did EXCEPTIONALLY well at the appointment…he had quite the audience in the waiting room as he choo chooed and squealed with delight EACH and EVERY time the train rounded the track mounted high above our heads…all was well UNTIL it was shot time.  On our way out of the exam room the nurse who administered the shots passed us in the hallway and jokingly asked if I could pick a different nurse next time.  She said that Ben was one of her favorites and she just couldn’t stand to make him cry like that ever again.  Then a little boy in front of us at the check-out line received a shiny Thomas the Train sticker.  Apparently, it was like putting salt in Ben’s needle wounds and the tears began to flow again.  So after he received his very own sticker, life seemed to resume as normal!!

Here’s a recap of Ben’s 16th month:

One of the perks to Jake’s job is a free membership to RedTail Golf Club.  So occasionally after church on a Sunday afternoon we’ll eat lunch on the verandah overlooking the 18th hole and let Ben run around and play.  The first picture below was taken right when Ben turned 10 months old and the second was taken at 16 months.  I can’t believe how much bigger he looks in just six months!!   Although it appears that one thing hasn’t changed…he still loves to play with leaves!!  









“Five Silly Monkeys” is a book we’ve been reading with Ben for a long time now.  To keep him occupied while we waited for our food Jake decided to read it to him.  Ben’s hand motions always make me laugh!!  Check out the clip:

On July 18th Ben received his first hair cut!!  We took him to a little place around the corner from our house to a lady named Kathy who had come highly recommended by a couple of other mamas in playgroup.  First we tried to put Ben on a booster seat but without any way to buckle him in he squirmed all over the place so Jake got to put on a “cape” and hold Ben while I assisted and snapped pictures.  Kathy handed him a hair pick to keep him occupied but of course he immediately put it in his mouth so I went to my purse and grabbed one of the two suckers I brought along.  Ben had never had a sucker before so I thought it would REALLY keep him occupied and it worked great except for one little thing.  I grabbed a blue sucker.  So by the time we were done with the hair cut his entire mouth was blue and he was drooling blue on his clothes.   










Here are before and after pictures.  She mostly trimmed the hair over his ears and the curls in the back.  Before we left she asked me if Ben was our first child and I responded, “yes.”  She replied with a smile, “I can tell.”  I wonder what gave it away…the fact that I hoovered over her watching each and every strand of his precious hair that she cut, or that I captured the entire hair appointment (and I mean ENTIRE) by either photography or film, or maybe that I forgot to bring something to put his little lock of hair in to take home for his baby book.  No worries…we found something to put it in!  (After his haircut he wanted NOTHING to do with me taking anymore pictures…so after following him around the next day I finally got a shot of the front…he’s thrilled can’t you tell!) 



















Ben and I decided to brave the heat one morning and headed out to the park.  He had a blast and he so did not want to leave.  Thankfully he was over it by the time we made it to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  When one of the workers stopped by to ask if we needed anything Ben puckered out his lips like he was trying to give her a kiss.  She got a big kick out of it!  Such a fun day!










Here’s another comparison shot.  The first pic is of Ben at 6 months and the second at 16 months.

Copy of IMG_4377IMG_8216 









We’ve also been trying to find some cooler fun things to do inside…like playing at the train table at a local book store.









And coloring.  I found this nifty mini tray at Michael’s one day (on sale!!) and he really likes using it.  But of course his favorite place to try and color is the tile floor.  Busted!!  I caught him doing just that in the second picture below.  Thankfully it is super easy to clean off the floor!!









Ben loves to help out around the house too.  I’m sure you all might remember how much he likes to help out with folding/wearing the laundry.  He now gets a big kick out of helping me sort the laundry!  And just as quickly as I put the wet laundry into the dryer Ben is there to try and fling it out onto the floor.  Finally, after explaining (each and every time) that we must dry the clothes before we can fold them he takes great pleasure in pushing the dryer door closed.  








Ahh, yes…I can’t forget to mention the Swiffer.  It has an adjustable handle so I just take a couple links out of it and away he goes!

We recently were told by a lawn care group that part of the grass in our yard was dead and that we’d need to re-sod it.  About a week and a half ago the crew got started and did a great job!  Ben’s favorite part was when they hauled in the new sod on this cool skid steer loader.  He’s also been a big help doing some yard work with Jake!


















One night Jake told Ben they were going to the mailbox but because he didn’t have shoes on he would have to be carried.  Ben immediately went to his room, grabbed his shoes and went and stood with them by the front door!!  Are you kidding…be carried…anymore he always prefers to walk and he’s usually running.  I feel like I’m always saying, “Ben walk”, “Ben slow down”, “Ben watch where you’re going!!”  I think this pic is a great way to sum up 16 months…very happy, very excited about everything and always on the go!!











From the mouth of Ben.  There’s no doubt he’s talking a bunch these days.  Here are some of the things he says that make me laugh.

He walks to the refrigerator in the mornings and tries to open the door and repeats the word “milk” over and over again until I hand him his sippy cup.

Potato is “tay-toe.”

Please is “peas.”

He likes to pull on our pant legs and say “up! up! up!”

Apparently I say, “Hey, babe” to Jake a lot because sometimes I’ll hear Ben walking around the house during the day randomly saying, “Hey, babe.”

He affectionately calls his pacifier his “pass.”  He’s only supposed to have it at nap time and bed time but occasionally I hear him calling it for it, “ppppaaasssssssss”, “ppppaaasssssssssss”.  I am sooo not looking forward to having to take it away from him one day soon.  Suggestions, anyone?  His pediatrician says, “just take it away…there might be a few nights of crying but then he’ll be fine.”  I sure hope that is the case, but I’m not sure anyone realizes just how much he LOVES his precious “pass”.

He’s gone from calling Dakota “D” to “ca-ca.”  (I know it sounds horrible doesn’t it…I hope people don’t think we are teaching our child slang words for poop.)

I typically give Ben the option of water with his milk throughout the day.  When he asks for both we count them…”one, two.”  So now he’ll hold up his pointer finger when we count “one” and when we say “two” he opens his hand up showing all five fingers and says “two”.



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2 responses to “16 Months…A Recap

  1. Jill Weikel

    About the “pass”, I took all three of kids pass away by taking it when they were not using it and then telling them that the fairy came and got it because they are way too big now for it. And yes, the first couple of nights they cried and i would go and just let them know that they are ok, but after a couple of nights telling them they are big kids and the fairy came to get the pass they soon forgot about it and had no problems going to sleep. Ben on the picture in the mad look, i tell you that picture looks just like one of Landon’s pictures of him making the same face had a double take on that picture.

  2. What a great recap! He’s a busy little guy. I know he and Jackson would get along famously. I love, love, love the picture of him running down the hall all excited with his mouth open! That is so cute! I also love that they learn their beloved doggies’ names first. Jackson used to call Lucy “E” and now it’s “Eee-Ciiii!” ALL the time.

    miss you guys!

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