My Birthday at the Beach

I turned 31 on August 14th (yes, I am officially a 30 something)!!  My birthday request was to spend some time squishing my toes in the sand at the beach and that’s just what we did.  Jake and I spent last Saturday and Sunday at a beautiful place on Daytona Beach called The Shores Resort and Spa.  Our friend Nichole works at the resort and she hooked us up with a discounted room rate and some other free stuff…it was so wonderful!!  Thank you, Nichole!!  

This was also our first overnight trip without our sweet Ben.  We are so blessed to have found an amazing babysitter, Amanda, through our church.  She is simply wonderful and such a blessing to us.  It is so evident to see how much she loves Ben and in turn it gives us a very good feeling to leave him in her very capable hands.  But, oh, how we missed him!  Anytime we saw a little boy Ben’s age playing on the beach I so badly wanted to call up Amanda and have them come and meet us.  It was so fun to come home and see him though.  Amanda said he was great and he seemed so happy to see us.  He walked up with a big smile and greeted us both with big kisses.  It melted my heart…it always does!!  

We were already hungry when we arrived and got reservations at the hotel restaurant Azure right at 5:30pm.  We pretty much had the entire restaurant to ourselves which was quite nice.  Our table overlooked the patio, pool and beach.  A couple had just gotten married on the beach and they were having their dinner reception out on the patio in front of us.  It was so fun to watch all of the excitement!  And the meal was delicious!











Here’s the view of our hotel from the beach, the view of the beach from our room and the view of the intracoastal waterway from our room!  Gorgeous!!























After dinner we went for a romantic stroll along the beach and watched the sunset.  Here we are laughing hysterically (you know the kind like when you were a kid trying not to laugh in church but the more you tried not to laugh the worse it made it and the worse the stares got from your parents…that kind of laugh) while trying to snap our own picture on the beach.  Ahh, much better!
















Does anyone remember that episode of Friends when they all go to some tropical location and Monica’s hair gets bigger and bigGER and BIGGER the entire show.  Yep, that was my hair after our walk on the beach.  BIG!!









We woke up on Sunday morning to a yummy breakfast in bed.  I’m pretty sure I said, “ah, it’s so nice to not do dishes” about a million times that weekend.  It was such a luxury!!  So after our breakfast in bed we headed down to the beach early Sunday morning to soak up some sun.  It was already quite warm so we spent more time letting the waves crash against our legs than we did laying out on the beach.  When we were relaxing on the beach it was under the shade of an umbrella.  Long gone are the days of laying out in the sun with baby oil.  Oh yes, I know, horrible isn’t it?!?  I remember laying out by the pool in my younger years using baby oil because it was supposed to make your tan much darker.  Please, do not try this at home.  Much darker…a.k.a…much redder….think…lobster.  Not pleasant.


















It is amazing how a little time away can make you feel so revived and energized!  It was a great birthday!  And the gifts, cards, calls, e-mails and other birthday messages I received…thanks everyone for making me feel so loved on my special day!  I hope that you were blessed even more in return!



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  1. What a fun, fun birthday! It looked like a really nice, relaxing weekend. So glad you’ve found someone you trust to watch sweet Benjamin. We have yet to find someone (other than family). Love the pic of you guys laughing on the beach. It’s so cute! And I was cracking up at your baby oil story. Ah, the memories.

    Love you!

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