Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh!

Two weekends ago on a Saturday morning we packed up our lunches, some snacks and lots of water and headed to the Central Florida Zoo.  One of the nice things about this zoo…it is only ten minutes from our house!!  It was also perfect weather for such an outing…overcast…since our highs here in Florida are still in the 90’s!!











First stop…the toocans and the two-toed “lazy” sloth.  Can you find the sloth in the second picture?  Look to the left of the toocan on the bottom right…that’s his furry gray toe holding on to the branch.  Every time we go to the zoo he is ALWAYS in this same spot, no joke.  Hence, the name “lazy” sloth.    
















On this particular day they also had some animals out for the kids to pet.  Ben wasn’t so sure about the hedgehog (who could blame him especially after the lady said, “Make sure he only brushes his hand THAT way.”)  But the bunny…he liked the bunny that he called “Bobby” in reference to one of his appropriately titled books “Bobby the Bunny”.  We continued our journey around to see the monkeys and as soon as he saw them Ben started saying, “ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ahh, ahh, ahh”!  We toured around to see the birds as Ben began saying, “tweet, tweet, tweet.”  Next up, the gigantic turtle (Ben wasn’t all that interested).  He knew what was coming up next…the cheetas!!  Unfortunately, we had to look at them from a distance (a long distance) because they were all napping at the very far back of their living quarters.
























Finally we had arrived at the petting zoo area.  This is something Ben REALLY looks forward to!  He had lots of fun feeding the goats, zebu (similar looking to a cow) and sheep with a couple of exceptions…one of the goats nibbled just a little too hard on one of his fingers and it made him cry, then after he had recovered from that incident we went to feed the zebu, the extremely slobbery zebu…Ben was happy to let Jake feed them!!  

















After the feeding frenzy it was about lunch time.  We made our way toward the splash park and stopped off to have a little feeding frenzy of our own.  Afterwards, Ben and Jake enjoyed playing in the water.  I should point out that Jake didn’t entirely plan to “splash” and get as wet as he did.  It always takes Ben a little while to get warmed up at the splash park before he is interested in going at it alone, by the time he was comfortable with the whole thing…Jake was soaked!  It was so much fun to watch them play together…I think they were both having a ball!!



































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  1. What a fun outing! Ben is quite brave to pet all of those animals! Jackson wants nothing to do with them. He’ll just look, but freaks out if we get too close. I love his proud look that he has after he feeds those goats.

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