Happy Cake

Last Friday, Ben and I headed over to a “Big Truck” birthday party for Isaac who turned two.  (Isaac’s first birthday party was the very first party Ben ever attended when he was only six months old.)   When we received the invitation I held Ben on my lap while we read it together.  After that and for the next two weeks leading up to the party Ben’s favorite things to say were, “Isaac” and “Big Truck.”  From the moment we walked in the door to Isaac’s house, Ben immediately went to the playroom and began pulling all of the trucks off the shelves.  He drove them all out of the playroom, lined them up in the hallway (yes, he is still very much into lining things up), pushed them down the hall and back again and then lined them all back up in the playroom and repeated this little game several more times.  It was so much fun to watch his excitement and LOVE for these precious trucks!  Here are some cute shots Carissa took of Ben at the party.

Ben in a sea of trucks







Ben with the Big Truck







Carissa made these super cute cupcakes with chocolate icing topped with a truck that the kids later got to take home as their party favors.

Happy Cake







The cupcake eating that ensued was hysterical!  Here’s Isaac, Ben B., Olivia and Ben F. getting ready to dig in.  They would dip the wheels of their trucks in the icing and then lick it off!!  Occasionally, they would stop to drive their trucks around the table all the while saying, “vroom, vroom.” 











This pic takes the cake…Olivia diggin’ in face first and Ben with his little chocolate goatee (that we all thought made him look even MORE like Jake!!!).

Olivia and Ben Diggin in







Thankfully we took them all outside to eat and then we literally hosed them off with the water hose when they were done.  When we got home that afternoon Ben kept repeating the words, “outside,” “eat cake,” “Isaac,” and “big truck.”  Oh, and one last thing…the next morning when Ben woke up and walked into the kitchen he immediately spotted the cornbread muffins sitting on the counter that I had made with our seafood gumbo the night before.  They must have reminded him of the cupcakes he had eaten the day before because he immediately went up to them and started pointing and saying, “Happy Cake, Happy Cake.”  He now refers to anything that halfway resembles a cupcake as “Happy Cake.”  This little guy cracks me up!!!

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  1. Matt and Yvonne

    Hehehe, Ben is great. I wish the three … oops, I mean FOUR of you lived closer.

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