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19 Months











Lately, when I ask Ben to smile for me this is what he does and then he IMMEDIATELY wants to see the picture.  It is the cutest, cheesiest grin ever and I just love it!  He turned 19 months old (yes, 19 months!) on September 26th.  Here are some of the things he’s been up to lately!

Starting at the beginning of September, I enrolled Ben in the Mom’s Morning Out (MMO) program at our church.  He goes one day a week for three hours and he loves it (and I love the three free hours to do things like clean the house, run errands, go shopping, AND even enjoy a quiet lunch with Jake…just the two of us…ahh, it’s wonderful)!!  One of the highlights of this day is driving him to the church.  We have to take I-4 (which we try to avoid at all costs on any other day of the week) and there is still some morning rush hour traffic so there are plenty of cars, trucks, and other modes of transportation for Ben to take a look at along the way.  Here’s a little sampling of Ben’s chatter in the back seat…”Big truck (as we pass a semi), cars (as we pass a car dealership), big truck, wee hoo wee hoo (there goes a fire truck), jeep, tunnel (as we drive under an overpass), go go go, vroom vroom (as we pass a motorcycle), car, tunnel, big truck, railroad crossin’ (as we go over the railroad tracks close to the church), car”…and it goes on and on. 

Another highlight of the morning is walking him into the church.  As we walk along the sidewalk, his little hand in mine, we stay on the far right side (what I refer to as the slow lane) and we take our time as Ben points out all the things he sees, “tree, bird…tweet tweet, grass!”  Then as we make our way through the church corridor and enter the toddler area he stops again, points up at the sky mural on the ceiling and says, “clouds!”  Now he picks up speed as he makes his way back to his classroom and when I open the safety gate he runs right in and straight to the cars and begins playing.  It seems he’s forgotten I’m even there.  I wave bye-bye and sometimes walk in to steal a kiss before I go.  Then he gets to do all kinds of fun stuff like:  playground time, music time, arts and crafts time, gym time and he eats lunch with his class (there are eight kids ranging from 18-24 months) before I pick him back up. 

Here he is before MMO one morning, which by the way he calls, “Mom’s Out.”  He loves his Thomas the Train backpack that he refers to as his “pack pack!!”





















Some of his super cute art work from MMO:









Although we are now into the month of October it is still HOT here, people, with our highs still reaching into the low to mid 90’s each day.  With that being said, Ben has been doing a whole lot of this lately.  It’s like he waits for me to open the refrigerator door and then he comes out of nowhere and before I know it…there he is…relaxing and cooling off.











And we’ve just about decided that the ONLY way to play outside comfortably right now is with the sprinkler ON!!  On this particular day he kept running up to me saying, “Ben’s shower, Ben’s shower!” 








One Saturday morning we took Dakota in for a grooming appointment and Ben got to experience his first shopping trip to PetSmart!!  Ben and Dakota had fun cruising the aisles together while checking out the kittens, birds, guinea pigs and fish!











Best Buddies









From the mouth of Ben:

“Mmm mmm mmm” – He says this when he sees something that looks yummy (like anything in the bakery section at the grocery store) or when he is eating something he really likes.

“Helcopper” – For helicopter.

“Awesome” – He refers to his new pair of tennis shoes as “awesome shoes.”

“Come on” – When he wants you to follow him.

“Come ear” – For come here.

“Raa raa, who?, Rocket” – He LOVES Rocket from Little Einsteins.  At the end of the show they have a curtain call where you clap for all of the characters in the show, for the music of the day, the artist of the day and for yourself.  When it comes time to clap for Rocket it goes, “…and raa raa raa for Rocket.”  Ben would always just say, “Raa raa” so I started asking him, “For who?”  He’d reply back, “Rocket!”  So now he runs around the house saying, “Raa raa, who?, Rocket?” to himself.

“Dibble” – For dribble…when he’s attempting to dribble the basketball.

“Big truck” – For any and all big trucks he sees!

“Dop” – For stop.

“Thank you” – We’ve been working with him on saying please and thank you.  One day we were checking out at the grocery store and the cashier gave Ben a balloon and without any prompting he said, “thank you!” 

“Mrs.” – We’ve also been working with him on learning to say “Mr.” and “Mrs.”  “Mrs.” he can say pretty well, “Mr.” not so much.  For example, he calls our neighbor, Dan, across the street “Mrs. Dan.”

“Excuse me” –  If you are in his way he’ll say this.  It cracks me up everytime.

“Geek” – For squeak.

“Slippy” – For slippery.

“Dink” – For drink.

“Coo coo monster” – For cookie monster.

“Get you” – This is what he says when he wants you to chase him. 

“Nack” – For snack.

“I got it” – Our little independent boy likes to say this when he does something all by himself…like carry a bag in from the car.  And when he couldn’t “get it” the other day he said, “Mama, get it!!”

“Knuckles” – For when he wants to give you a fist pound.

“Up above” – Anytime he sees a star he starts singing the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by starting out, “Up above…(unknown gibberish)…HIGH…(unknown gibberish)…DIAMOND…(more unknown gibberish)…SKY!!”

ABC’s – He likes to sing along with Leap (his stuffed animal frog) that sings the ABC’s.  Similar to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, he’ll shout out certain strands of letters throughout the song!

123’s – He’s getting pretty good at 1-10.  It goes like this…1,2,3, (he skips 4 pretty much every time) 5,6,7,8, (and with a little prompting he’ll finish) 9, 10!!


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A Brand New Car

Last week Ben received a special package from his Uncle Matt and Aunt Yvonne…a brand new car (said with a “Price is Right” announcer voice)!!









He LOVES this car!  He can either ride around in it or push it…and he likes to do both!  When he pushes it around he makes sure to stop, push the radio button and then continue cruising throughout the house.  When the music stops, he parks the car, goes around to the front, pushes the radio button again and then continues on his journey.  He’ll often look up at me with a great big grin and say, “music!!”  I also see him just sitting in the car, playing with the steering wheel, honking the horn and turning the blinkers on and off.  As you can see from the picture, he likes to gather up his balloons (we seem to always have balloons from somewhere) and ride around the house with them like they are his passengers or as if he’s in his own little parade!!   

Ben sends a BIG thank you to Uncle Matt and Aunt Yvonne for his new set of wheels that he affectionately refers to as “Ben’s car!”  It’s perfect!!

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14 Weeks

14 Weeks 2










My first belly shot with Baby #2!!  I am 14 weeks and officially starting the second trimester.  I had hoped to leave the nausea and fatigue back in the first trimester but for now they are tagging along.  I’m still a little queasy throughout the day and I’m napping in the afternoon when Ben naps.  About two weeks ago I had an early ultrasound.  A friend of mine watched Ben for me (thanks, Katy!!) while Jake and I went to the appointment together.  It was so much fun!  This baby put on quite a show!  I was 12 weeks at the time of the ultrasound which means (according to Babycenter) the baby was just over 2 inches long (about the size of a lime) and weighed half an ounce.  I am always so fascinated by ultrasounds particularly at this stage.  It’s incredible!!  It is still to early to determine the baby’s gender (although our ultrasound tech had lots of fun trying to guess) so we’ll have to wait until 20 weeks to find out!!  Only six more weeks…we can’t wait!!  Here are a few pics from the appointment (I had to scan the pictures to get them on the computer and they didn’t come out as clear as I would have liked, hopefully you can see them okay).

Hand waving.








Front of face.











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Ben’s First Roller Coaster Ride…Choo Choo!!

Two weeks ago we made a little trip over to Birthday World for Austin’s third birthday celebration!!  Let me tell you, Birthday World did not disappoint.  What could be more fun than tons of small children running around all hyped up on juice and cake playing video games, riding roller coasters and jumping in bounce houses?!?  I’m pretty sure I had a headache within minutes of stepping in the door, but the important thing was…Austin had an awesome birthday party and Ben had a super fun time!!









Ben absolutely LOVES trains right now.  So, as soon as we walked in the door he immediately spotted the train roller coaster…yes, roller coaster.  I guess when I heard people talking about the “train ride at Birthday World” I was thinking more along the lines of a train that meandered along a flat level track carrying relaxed happy children that waved and smiled at their parents as they slowly passed by.  This train ride…not so much.  However, Ben was not deterred in the least.  He kept pointing at the train wanting so desperately to go for a ride and considering he met the height requirement we thought we’d let him give it a try.  Personally, I thought Jake would buckle him into the train car and then he’d want to get out and it would be over.  Oh, no…this boy held on to the hand rail with the most determined look on his face that I have ever seen. 











One of his little friends, Kailah, climbed aboard and off they went.  Choo Choo!! 









Up, down and around…repeat.  As you can see, he hung in there until the end!!  Then he began what we called a love/hate relationship with the train for the rest of the day.  He didn’t necessarily want to get back on it…he cried when we got too close, he cried when we walked away and he cried every time he saw it thereafter.  (Note:  Feel free to turn down the volume on your computer before you watch this video…I’m completely freaking out the entire time…I’m pretty sure it scared me more than it scared Ben!!)

After some coaxing we ventured over to try out the carousel (that just so happened to be right next to the train so each time the carousel made a whirl around making the train visible to him, Ben began to cry) and finally we made it to the arcade area!  Before long, the train was a distant memory!! 


















Of course we took time out to eat some cake!











Lots of sugar + Two hours of fun with his friends = One tired little boy!



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