A Brand New Car

Last week Ben received a special package from his Uncle Matt and Aunt Yvonne…a brand new car (said with a “Price is Right” announcer voice)!!









He LOVES this car!  He can either ride around in it or push it…and he likes to do both!  When he pushes it around he makes sure to stop, push the radio button and then continue cruising throughout the house.  When the music stops, he parks the car, goes around to the front, pushes the radio button again and then continues on his journey.  He’ll often look up at me with a great big grin and say, “music!!”  I also see him just sitting in the car, playing with the steering wheel, honking the horn and turning the blinkers on and off.  As you can see from the picture, he likes to gather up his balloons (we seem to always have balloons from somewhere) and ride around the house with them like they are his passengers or as if he’s in his own little parade!!   

Ben sends a BIG thank you to Uncle Matt and Aunt Yvonne for his new set of wheels that he affectionately refers to as “Ben’s car!”  It’s perfect!!

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  1. Matt and Yvonne

    We’re glad he loves it! Post some movies of him in his car when you have the time.

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