“Cat in Hat…Halloween!”

Jake arrived home from a four-day business trip to New Orleans right around 5 pm on the evening of Halloween.  When he called to tell me he boarded an early flight, I was elated (he was not supposed to be home until 8 pm).  What good would Halloween have been without Thing One!!  Since we had so much fun last year, we thought we’d dress up again this year.  We took our inspiration from Dr. Seuss.  Ben loves all kinds of Dr. Seuss books, one of which is The Cat in the Hat.  (Updated Nov. 4th…I just found this clip and thought it was cute.  This book was lying on the table the day before Halloween…I was using it as a reference guide to put together our Halloween attire…Ben picked it up and started “reading” it.)

After I purchased Ben’s costume on-line I had planned to pick up a Thing One and Thing Two costume for Jake and me at a local Halloween costume shop…that is, until I learned they were $50 a piece!!  So the day before Halloween, Ben and I headed out to join the rest of Northern Orlando (not recommended) to do some shopping and before long, voila, our costumes were done.  (For those of you who are interested, I purchased our t-shirts for $5 a piece at Wal-Mart and bought self adhesive felt at Michael’s for the Thing One and Thing Two decals for $5.  I took two of Jake’s old baseball caps, cut off the bills and then secured two blue boas that I purchased at JoAnn’s for $8 a piece to the top of each hat with hot glue.  That’s a total of $31, people, versus $100 that I would have paid in the store.  Needless to say, my accountant husband was proud!!)


In the weeks leading up to Halloween any time someone asked Ben what he was going to be he would reply, “Cat in Hat…Halloween!”  (And now anytime he sees the Cat in the Hat on the back of all of those Dr. Seuss books he points to him and says the same thing!!)  As you can see, he LOVED his Cat in the Hat costume (okay, well, at least for a little while), and he really got into the whole trick or treating experience!!  Every time someone opened their front door, Ben immediately tried to go inside, then as soon as they put the candy in his pumpkin he wanted one of us to open it for him so that he could eat it!  So back to that costume for a moment…unfortunately for us it was still like 90 degrees on Halloween and Ben’s costume was made out of fleece.  Yes, fleece.  When I bought it I was thinking of last year when it turned super cold (at least for Florida) and all of the mommies in the neighborhood were scrambling to find warm additions to their kids’ costumes.  So Ben spent the first part of the evening as the Cat in the Hat and the remainder in his “bones” pajamas that were much cooler and as an added bonus, they glow in the dark.

Cat in the Hat










Here’s a clip from Ben’s first trick or treat experience to Mike and Linda’s, our super sweet neighbors that live across the street!

We spent the rest of the evening with our next door neighbors, Nick and Kristina, and their two little boys, Brock (Spiderman) and Bowen (Batman).  Ben refers to them as “Brock Bowen.”  Here are a few of my favorite pics of them from the night.  (Thanks to Nick for supplying most of these photos!!)

They loved this skeleton.  I thought Ben would be scared of it, but what was I thinking…he loved it as evidenced by the big grin on his face!!











Who knew that a bat and a cat could be such good friends! 

Bowen and Ben







Here they are taking time out for some much-needed rest.  It wasn’t long after this (around 8:30 pm) that Ben was one tired Cat in the Hat and we called it a night.

Ben Bowen and Brock

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  1. Matt and Yvonne

    Wow, I just noticed that he said “Cat in the Hat” as best as he could at the beginning of the first video. I hadn’t noticed that before.

    Of course, he says much more than that now. He even wished me a Merry Christmas on the phone the other day!

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