20 Months











Ben turned 20 months old on October 26th.  At his most recent check-up he weighed 26.3 pounds (45%), 34 inches tall (75%) and his head measured 18 7/8 (50%).  In keeping with the holiday spirit I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some pictures from last year’s fall festivities and compare them to this year!  It is amazing to me to see how much he has changed in a year…especially those chubby feet (and I thought they were chubby now)!!

First pumpkin patch experience at eight months.









Pumpkin patch at 20 months.











Displaying daddy’s pumpkin carving skills at eight months.









Displaying his own pumpkin “carving” skills at 20 months.











Dressed up as The Lion from Wizard of Oz for his first Halloween at eight months.









Dressed up as The Cat in the Hat for Halloween at 20 months.

Cat in the Hat










Ben at eight months with Olivia at the Halloween playgroup party.

Ben and Olivia







Olivia and Ben (at 20 months) at this year’s Halloween playgroup party.











From the mouth of Ben: 

“Punkin” for pumpkin.  He had so much fun decorating and playing with his two mini pumpkins.  I kept them on the bar for him to see and he’d walk by, wave and say, “Hey, punkins.”  He also loved it when I’d let him play with them on the floor.  He’d count them…”one, two”…and move them from one tile to another all while saying, “Heavy, big punkins.”

“Careful.”  He uses this word ALL the time now (I guess because I am constantly saying, “Be careful.”)  So anytime he’s about to do one of those “be careful” things he now looks at me and says, “Careful.”  For example, right before he tries to dive off the couch he’ll give me a knowing nod and say, “Careful.”  Oh, right, careful indeed.

“Ready, go, set!”  I’m not entirely sure where he learned this (maybe at Mom’s Morning Out or from some of the older kids in the neighborhood that he sometimes plays with), but the other day I heard him running around saying, “Ready, go, set!”  I chuckled out loud to myself.  I’m sure he’ll get the correct sequence of “ready, set, go” figured out before too long!

“Shut the door.”  This kid loves to shut doors.  He loves to be the one that shuts the bathroom door or closes the backdoor behind us as we come in through the garage.  Each time he’ll yell out, “Shut the door.”  Again, it makes me laugh every time!

 “Mommy did it” and “Toot”.  (No, mommy did not toot, let me explain.)  Last Thursday Ben had to come with me to my doctor’s appointment since my friend Katy was not available to watch him.  It was close to 11:30 am when we left the doctor’s office so I told Ben we’d go to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  For the entire twenty-minute drive to the restaurant he kept repeating, “Chick-fil-a, Chick-fil-a!”  When we arrived I put him in a high chair with wheels (what a great idea to put wheels on these things…it comes in very handy when you’re by yourself with a toddler) and we rolled up in line to place our order.  As soon as I grabbed the tray filled with food (while simultaneously turning Ben in the direction of our table) the tray dumped.  My nice FULL lemonade hit the ground with full force blowing out the bottom of the cup and splashing several other patrons’ shoes and pants.  Ben immediately began saying, “Mommy did it, mommy did it.”  It was perfect timing because everyone (including those with lemonade soaked pants and shoes) began to laugh.  The second attempt at pushing the highchair while carrying the tray was much better and we successfully arrived at our table.  We sat close to the door (after that incident I picked the first open table) so Ben made sure to wave and say, “Hi, hi, hi” to everyone he saw.  Then toward the end of the meal he leaned over in his highchair, hiked up a leg and began calling out, “Toot, toot, toot!”  No joke, I was laughing so hard I was crying.  Finally, after a quick diaper change we arrived at the play area!  Oh, what a memorable day!

And for a final story…Ben has become quite the conversationalist.  Typically when Jake gets home from work Ben follows him around like a little shadow.  If dinner isn’t ready the two of them play or sit together and talk.  One evening Jake came in the kitchen and asked me if we stopped by Brock and Bowen’s house on that particular day and if so did we have to leave because they were sick.  I told him that was correct and asked how he knew.  He said, “Ben told me.”  This is what Ben told him…”Knock, knock, knock.  Trains.  Brock Bowen sick.  Bye Bye.”  That’s exactly what happened.  We walked over to give Bowen his late birthday present since we missed the party, Ben got to knock on the door, when Kristina answered he immediately went in to the train table and began playing, Kristina told us that Brock had a fever so we told them bye-bye and left (okay, it wasn’t quite that simple to pull Ben away from the train table, but you get the picture).  I couldn’t believe that he communicated what happened so well in his own little way!


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  1. Oma

    Sigh…. So Funny. And fun. And wonderful. And amazing. And blessed. Thank you.

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