Oma’s October Visit to Orlando

Since I haven’t blogged in a couple of months I have lots to catch up on.  We’ve had some special times with our families over the last several months and my first recap takes us all the way back to the beginning of October of last year.  

We were so excited to have Oma Leah (that’s Jake’s Mom) come and stay with us for a long weekend at the beginning of the month!!  We packed lots of fun things into the weekend and had a splendid time doing so!

First up…Jake’s birthday!!  He turned 33 on October 4!  We (minus Ben who was at home with the babysitter) headed out to Downtown Disney and enjoyed a delicious dinner in The Dining Room at Wolfgang Puck Cafe.  (That’s a candle not a cigarette hanging out of Jake’s mouth!)  =)


Another part of Jake’s birthday was researching and then making a “soccer torte.”  I guess ever since Jake and I have been married he’s talked about this “soccer torte” that he used to get from a bakery back in North Little Rock.  After researching this torte I discovered that it is actually spelled Sacher Torte, but pronounced like soccer.  The first two bakeries I contacted did not make the torte and finally I was refered to a little bakery right down the street from our house that said they could make it…however, they were so busy they couldn’t have it ready for me until a week later.  Strike three.  Back to the drawing board.  So once Oma Leah arrived we researched a little more and decided to make one…the truth is…Oma Leah decided she was brave enough to make it and Jake and I just assisted with things like trying out the various chocolate layers.  It turned out yummy (although my actual picture of a slice of the cake doesn’t do it justice)!!



We took our first trip to Sea World with Ben that weekend.  And I’m pretty sure he LOVED it!  I spent more time watching him watch everything than I did taking in all the sights myself.  He was mesmorized!!

His first encounter with Shamu.  (He was a little skeptical at first but after watching the show Believe he was in love.  Oma Leah bought him a stuffed animal Shamu and he still sleeps with it and takes it with him on all of our overnight trips.)

Here we are at Believe…The sensational Shamu show.  Sensational it was…and hot…this was the first thing we did that day and as you can see we were already really sweating (or perspiring as my Grandma Schulte used to say)!!


Next up, paddle boats!  This isn’t just any ole paddle boat, it is a pink flamingo paddle boat!  The last time I road one of these boats was with my friend Sonya and her daughter, Laynee.  We got called out over the loud PA system for paddling under the fountain in the middle of the lake.  Apparently, there are amoebas in the water and they don’t want you to get sprayed by the water for fear that you would ingest such amoeba and become sick.  Makes you want to ride the pink flamingo paddle boat even more doesn’t it!?!  Rest assured that we did not repeat that mistake again!  Ben actually thought the ride was quite relaxing and almost fell asleep before the ride was over.



Visiting the Clydesdale horses. 

The not so fun part about any theme park…waiting in line.  (Looking back at this picture with his mouth on that railing makes me kind of cringe…I don’t even want to think about all the germs!!) 

The wait was worth it for this fun ride called Wild Arctic.  We started out on a jet helicopter simulator that Jake referred to as “our mission”.  Ben thought this was so cool…he kept saying, “Ben go on mission…ride the hell-copper.”  We also got to see walruses, whales and polar bears (it was dark and all the animals were behind thick glass so none of the pictures turned out on my camera except for this one of Jake and Ben coming out a cave that Ben referred to as a “tunnel”)!

This is in front of the Pacific Point Preserve (one of my favorite places at Sea World second only to the Penguin Encounter).  I know it isn’t the greatest picture because Ben’s eyes are closed, but it is the only picture I took that day that shows the roller coaster, Kraken, in the background.  Anytime we saw the coaster throughout the day (which is a lot since it is so tall) Ben would say, “Ben ride the rollercoaster.”  Considering he didn’t meet the height requirement for the kiddie rollercoaster we told him he could ride Kraken on another day when he was just a bit bigger.  This kid was not scared!

Our last stop of the day was to the exhibit called Jewel of the Sea Aquarium.  Here they are standing on part of the aquarium looking down at the fish below.

Checking out the jellyfish.

And the rest of the undersea creatures.

Whew!  And if Sea World wasn’t enough…we also managed to squeeze in two birthday parties that weekend.

Here’s Ben after thoroughly enjoying a cupcake at Kailah’s 2nd birthday party.

We also got to help celebrate Cameron’s 1st birthday in Daytona with long time family friend Nichole and her husband Ryan!


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  1. WOW. That sounded like so much fun! I remember seeing Shamu in the pack ‘n play at mom and dad’s…I meant to ask you about that. How cute that he sleeps with it! I remember loving SeaWorld as a kid. I would love to go back! (We’ll have to plan that when we come to visit) Jake’s mom looks like a lot of fun!

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