Cowboy Ben & The Fall Festival

During our stay in Arkansas in October we made our way from Fayetteville over the Boston Mountains and through the Bobby Hopper Tunnel to Opi and Omi’s house in Greenwood.  (Just a little side note that makes us laugh…Ben loves going through the tunnel on the way to Greenwood.  Every time we drive through it he says, “Bobby Hopper Tunnel…do it AGAIN!!”)  We had several fun highlights from our visit there including horseback riding (well, really it was a mule…do you call that muleback riding?), the Fall Festival at their church, visiting with a good friend and playing with TRUCKS!! 

One afternoon Dad, Ben and I decided to venture out on the four-wheeler.  We drove down behind their house to scope out the turtles and geese on the lake and eventually made our way over to a pasture with several horses.  We stopped to let Ben pet one of the horses grazing closest to the fence when a man named Bill walked up to say hello.  It turned out that he owned the land and horses and invited us to come back the following day to let Ben go for a ride.  And that’s just what we did. 

 Here’s Cowboy Ben and Cowboy Opi ready to ride!

When we arrived that morning Cowboy Bill told us that he couldn’t corral the horse he wanted Ben to ride so we opted for a friendly mule instead.

Ride ’em Cowboy Ben!!

After a fun morning with the mule and a good afternoon nap we were ready for our next adventure…The Fall Festival!  Thankfully my stepmom had picked up this cute chef’s hat and apron for Ben because it became his costume for the festival.

After a delicious dinner of chili, hotdogs, Frito pies, nachos and caramel apples (no, I didn’t eat all of those things by myself, but I might have sampled all of them!!), we headed outside to check out the bounce houses, jumbo slides and the pony rides!!

Then it was back inside the gymnasium for all kinds of fun and games.

This is one of my favorite pics…Ben all the way down in the basket picking out a prize!  Not a bad way to end the night!!

A trip to Greenwood is never complete without seeing one of my best buddies, Sonya, and her two girls, Laynee and Raegan.  (And that we all sat down together and all the kids were looking at the camera for this picture is nothing short of a miracle!)

Last but not least, I have to mention Ben and the coveted trucks at Opi and Omi’s house.  Literally, from the moment we walk in the door (and sometimes as we are driving up to their house) he’s asking for, “Trucks, Ben play with trucks!”  He literally plays with them every waking hour we are there and often wakes up early in the morning calling out, “Trucks!”, from the pack-n-play.  Since we’ve been back in Florida we’ve even called Opi (at Ben’s request) to see if he could come over and play trucks at our house.



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3 responses to “Cowboy Ben & The Fall Festival

  1. 1. I am impressed that Ben even SAT on the horse/mule. Jackson totally freaked when we tried to let him ride a pony last summer. =)
    2. The photo of him digging for a toy is hilarious. That’s a good one to save for the yearbook when he’s a senior.
    3. How sweet is he playing with his trucks outside? I love that last picture. He’s really into it!

    Hope you’re all doing well. Jax is sick today and I’m taking a break from packing to check blogs while he’s sleeping. Wish I could snap my fingers and have us all moved into a house!

  2. Jill Weikel

    I will have to say, that boy loves them trucks.

  3. Matt and Yvonne

    Those pictures of Ben in the saddle are great.

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