23 Months on January 26

(This little jewel of a post has been sitting in “drafts” for almost a month now…I think it is about time I posted it already!!) 

Trying to snap a 23 month picture proved to be quite a challenge.  Say, “CHEESE”!!

Doing what he loves best…playing outside with cars!

How is it that 23 months can feel like 23 minutes?  As I type this I’m listening to Ben sing on the monitor.  He’s in his crib, supposed to be sleeping, but would rather be singing, playing, talking!  That’s our sweet little boy.  The moment he wakes up he is galloping and running around the house playing with his toys and talking up a storm.  “Hi, Mommy.”  “Hi, Daddy.”  “Hi, Dakota.”  All the while Dakota is usually barking as he waits impatiently for his kibble, and Jake and I are fumbling around in the kitchen making coffee and deciding on what we’ll eat for breakfast.  I love how Ben welcomes each new day with grand excitement and a special kind of crazy energy!  (Wish I had an ounce of it…I could really use it these days!)

Back to that talking.  Just to give you a little insight.  Here are several clips taken over the course of a day.

He is very into taking care of his cars, trucks and trains.  Lately, his yellow train named Molly has been tagging along to the changing table where we change her diaper first (yes, we actually put a diaper on her), then Ben holds her (diapered and all) while I change his diaper.  When we call him to the table for a meal, he likes to find a vehicle that is also hungry and brings said vehicle to the table to feed it.  Here he is feeding yogurt to a truck.  (Listen closely and you can hear him making smacking noises like the truck is really eating.)

Here he is practicing “crash mode”.  While playing outside with his coveted dump truck he’s started a new thing by tipping the truck over and falling down next to it.  Then he’ll look up at me and say, “Ben and truck fall down.”  He usually goes on for several minutes wallowing around in the grass or dirt! 

While taking a bath one evening, Ben began crying and flailing his arms and legs all the while trying to scramble out of the bathtub.  After removing him from the tub and calming him down we discovered that he was scared of the blue lint floating in the tub.  Apparently his blue socks from the day had left lint between his toes and it washed off in the bathtub making him think there were “bugs” in the bathtub.  After explaining the blue bugs were just blue lint, Ben was still NOT getting into the tub.  He would tell us “Ben scared of lint.”  So after several days and several attempts of trying to get him into the bathtub, we decided to try bubbles.  Success at last.  Goodbye lint, hello bubbles.  We no longer have to worry about our son being the stinky kid.  We’ll also be keeping Mr. Bubble in business for many years to come.  We should probably buy stock in it! 

Ah, yes.  Here’s our little Da Vinci.  Ben loves to paint all kinds of things with his watercolors…including his face!

He was painting while I was making dinner one evening.  My back was to him so every now and then I’d stop and turn around to make sure things were going okay.  One time I looked up to find him painting his face and then sticking the brush in his mouth.  Thank goodness for non-toxic paint.

He was asked to decorate a Kleenex box for his Valentine’s Day party at Mother’s Morning Out.  I covered the box in construction paper, gathered up some foam Valentine’s Day stickers and red fingerpaint and let him go.  He had a joyful time lathering up his hands in red fingerpaint and smearing them on the box.  He was also delighted to find that the package of stickers contained not only hearts, but monkeys too!  After a few minutes of this he said, “All done, Mommy.”  Here’s his masterpiece!  (A funny little side note…his teachers told me that all throughout the party Ben was singing, “Happy Birthday Dear Valentine” and when they got to eat their cookies he said, “Mmmmm, yummy birthday cookie.”) 

One beautiful Saturday morning, Ben and I decided to help Jake out in the yard in preparation for Ben’s second birthday party (more on that coming soon)!!  Ben and I were in charge of pulling weeds in the flower beds.  To my surprise we actually had a lot of fun doing it and Ben was a great helper!  He wanted to wear gloves just like me!  A perfect fit, don’t you think?!?

I’m starting to think that all the stuff Ben wants to take to bed is getting a little out of hand.  Pillow, trains, Shamu, dinosaur, bath toy truck, quilt, bear, and Cars vehicles.  Where does he sleep exactly?  One night Jake and I heard the clanking of toys all night long on the monitor.  We thought Ben was up at different times during the night playing with his toys and devised a plan to remove them immediately.  The next morning when I picked him up out of the crib I  noticed that the sleep sack he was wearing was clanking.  Turns out he had decided that all of the Cars vehicles needed a blanket too.  He looked up at me and said, “Snuggle snuggle!”  (Another funny sidenote…each morning he holds up each of the Cars vehicles for me to kiss and then we pretend to feed each one gas and oil (making smacking and burping noises) BEFORE he wants to get out of bed.) 

From the mouth of Ben:

Ben sneezed the other day and said, “Bless my nose.”

One evening we stopped by Subway near our house for a sandwich.  Jake, Ben and I were sitting at the table when Ben turned and looked at me and said, “Hi, Mommy!  How are you?”

When having a conversation with Ben these days if he’s in agreement with what I’m saying he’ll respond, “I know it,” and/or “Of course, Mommy.”

We were picking up a few grocery items at a nearby store one morning and just so happened to cruise by some frozen pizzas displayed at the end of an asile when Ben said, “Pizza sounds good.”  Pizza sounds good to this kid anytime and he would most likely eat it every day if we’d let him.

I was sitting on a bar stool eating a late lunch and watching Ben play when all of a sudden I hear, “Mommy, go long.”  I looked up just in time to get pelted with a football upside my face to which Ben responded in hysterical laughter.  Cute, real cute.

After one of Ben’s recent hair cuts the stylist gave him two plastic army men to take home.  Who knew that army men could bring such joy to a little boy?  He likes to take them in the bathtub with him too and when they jump off the sides of the tub and land in the water he says, “Cowabunga dude” and “Geronimo!”  (I recently picked up a whole bag of them for a dollar…army men get lost very easily…so I keep them stashed away and pull a new one out each time we lose another one to the couch or car.)

“What’s that?”  This is one of Ben’s new FAVORITE questions.  I hear it all the time…driving in the car, reading books, out shopping, etc.  The other day we were reading The Cat in the Hat before nap time and he pointed to each and every thing on every single page and asked, “What’s that?”  Have you read The Cat in the Hat lately?  Do you know how many objects are on each page and that the book has many many pages??  Approximately 30 minutes later we finished the book and both of us needed a nap…it was exhausting! 

We were driving in the car on the way to church and heard Ben say, “Squawk!”  I turned to look at him and he said, “Squawk.  A bird, Mommy.  Squawk!”

I recently purchased a book for Ben called, 100 Ways to Know God Loves Me!  100 Songs to Love Him Back.  Each morning at breakfast Ben and I spend a little time reading a short story from the book including a Bible verse.  To my amazement Ben is actually memorizing the verses!!  His first verse was Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to me and I will answer you.”  Another favorite he’s memorized is Proverbs 17:17, “A friend loves at all times.”  I love this verse!  We talk about it a lot…on the way to Mother’s Morning Out, playgroup, birthday parties, church, etc.  We talk about how if we are loving and helping our friends at all times then there is no time to push, scratch or hit them.  =)

In the mornings before Jake leaves for work he gives Ben a hug and kiss goodbye.  Ben will usually say, “Daddy go to work today.”  Then he’ll say, “Ben go to work today.”  We like to ask him where he’s going to work and these are his top two responses.  “Mom’s Out, play with trucks.” Or he responds, “Golf course.”  It’s tough work, but somebody has to do it! 


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One response to “23 Months on January 26

  1. What a fun post! I love hearing all of the fun things that he is saying now. What a funny kid. And those videos? Good grief! It made me tired just listening to him jabber away. I bet you’re sleeping good at night, right? =)
    This age is so much fun. Jackson is saying hilarious things each and every day. I need to write them down like you’re doing. I know I’m going to forget them if I don’t.
    Jackson’s big thing right now is to say, “I don’t!” if he doesn’t like something or doesn’t want to do something. It’s hilarious that he chooses to express himself using those words. And it’s really hard not to laugh. We’re working on how to say it respectfully.
    Love the book recommendation. I’ll have to get that. It looks great!
    Hope you’re feeling well. I’ve been praying for you. Let’s talk soon about when we could come and visit you guys. We’re thinking after you get settled in with the new babe we’d like to come and visit.
    Love you all!

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