Welcome Baby Ashlin!!

My step-sister, Lindsey, and her husband, Dustin, welcomed their daughter (and first child), Ashlin Davea, into the world on Sunday, March 14th at 1:28 pm!  She weighs 5 pounds, 10 ounces and is 18 inches long.  

After dealing with severe swelling and extremely high blood pressure, also called toxemia, last Tuesday, March 9th, Lindsey’s physician sent her to the local medical center for additional evaluation.  They determined at that time to take her by ambulance to the university medical center a few hours away.  The medical staff, trained to handle high risk pregnancies, was able to bring her blood pressure down to a less serious level with blood pressure medication.  She also received several rounds of steroid shots to help the baby’s lungs develop in the event that they’d have to deliver her early.  The staff continued to monitor Lindsey and the baby for the next several days and after her condition seem to improve somewhat even considered discharging her with strict instructions to go home and stay on complete bed rest.  However, after her blood pressure began to spike again, it left them with no choice but to take the baby by caesarean on Sunday, March 14th. 

I am happy to report that both mama and baby are doing well considering the complications.  Lindsey was discharged yesterday morning.  Baby Ashlin was born six weeks premature and will remain in the NICU for now.  They are running some tests today and depending on those results she could be discharged as early as this Saturday.  We’ve seen God move in big ways over the past week by protecting Lindsey and the baby from serious harm and by providing them with outstanding medical care.  God is good and we are so thankful!

Congratulations, Mama Lindsey and Dada Dustin!  We’re so excited for you!  We can’t wait to meet baby Ashlin one day soon!!     

(A special side note, Ashlin was born on Granny Knighten’s birthday…that’s Lindsey’s granny.  She passed away several years ago from complications from diabetes.  She was a beautiful and lovely lady.  What a special gift to Lindsey to have her daughter born on the same day!)


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