“John, Can You Hear Me?”

The scene:  After a very busy day…neighborhood Easter egg hunt, flying kites in the park and cleaning the house, we sat down to somewhat of a late dinner of Jersey Mike’s Subs…Ben and I shared the tuna sub and Jake had the super sub.  As an extra special treat we even kept the TV on to watch Kentucky vs. West Virginia in the NCAA tournament.  We watched while we ate.

Ben:  Go Jimmy Go!

Me:  Who’s Jimmy?

Jake:  I don’t know.

Ben:  Go Jimmy Go!

Jake:  Ben, the player with the ball is named John.  (John Wells, point guard, for Kentucky.)

Ben:  Go John Go!

(John hits a free throw.)

Ben:  They scored!

Ben:  Go John Go!

Ben:  John, Can you hear me?

Ben:  I’m right here!

Ben:  Look back here!

Jake and Me:  (Laughing out loud.)


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2 responses to ““John, Can You Hear Me?”

  1. Oma

    I feel like the luckiest Oma in the world. Sometimes I feel so sad that I cannot watch Ben grow week by week with my own eyes, but then, I get to come here, and thanks to my wise son choosing the perfect wife, I can come here and revisit their days and feel like I haven’t missed a smile (except the ones that come from hugs and kisses).

  2. Jill Weikel

    That is too funny… I can not wait to see you guys here in a couple of weeks.

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