Stalking the Easter Bunny

On Saturday morning we made our way down to the clubhouse for the annual neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  Before the hunt began we enjoyed some yummy snacks while talking and playing with friends, neighbors and (drum roll, please) the EASTER BUNNY!  Many of you might remember Ben’s encounter with the Easter Bunny last year.  He wanted nothing to do with that bunny!  This year it was a complete 180.  Ben LOVED the Easter Bunny.  LOVED him!  From the moment Ben spotted him, he followed the bunny around everywhere.  If we wanted to find Ben all we had to do was look for the large furry white mammal with big ears and a fluffy tail and there was our Ben.  We laughed and said that Ben was stalking the Easter Bunny.  I begin to worry that the other kids (and parents) were going to get upset because Ben was literally next to or in the bunny’s face at all times…not really allowing for much face time with the bunny for all of the other kids.  Thankfully, no one seemed to mind a bit and Ben was polite enough to step aside so that others could take pictures with the bunny too!

Ben couldn’t wait for the hunt to begin downstairs on the back lawn.  He kept asking Jake to take him downstairs and Jake kept telling him “no” since it wasn’t time for the hunt to begin.  So what did our sweet boy do?  He asked the Easter Bunny of course…over and over and over again.  “Bunny, go downstairs?”  Thankfully bunnies don’t talk so all he could do was shrug his shoulders at Ben. 

Finally, the much-anticipated hunt began!!  Ben was quite the skilled egg hunter and filled up his entire basket!  This is the best “hunting” picture I got.  The boy was serious about hunting eggs!  If I stopped for a second to talk with someone, Ben (and Jake) were gone.  I actually lost them during the egg hunt for about 30 minutes!! 

Once the hunt was over Ben was ready to check out his loot!  We had stuffed some of the eggs with jellybeans and he was delighted to get to eat them.  He kept asking for “more jellyfish please, Mommy!”  Since the day of the egg hunt, Ben has been carrying his Easter basket full of empty plastic eggs around with him everywhere!  We were playing in his room this afternoon when he stood up and said, “Be right back, Mommy.”  And sure enough he did come right back with his Easter basket full of eggs in tow.  We took them out of the basket, put them back into the basket, opened them, closed them, counted them and named them by color.  I had no idea eggs could be this entertaining! 

Just about every time we drive by the clubhouse now (which is often since we pass by it every time we enter and exit the neighborhood) Ben likes to point at it and say, “Ben hunt Easter eggs right there!”

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One response to “Stalking the Easter Bunny

  1. Cutest family picture ever there at the end. You guys are adorable. Joanna, you look amazing. Seriously. You’re beautiful!
    You saying Ben says “be right back” reminded me of Jackson. He says it ALL the time now. “Be right back, Mommy!” before he leaves a room or shuts a door. These kids are hilarious.
    Praying for you and anxiously awaiting little Jude’s arrival!

    p.s. loved the blog title.

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