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Introducing Baby Jude!!

Jude Hudson

April 5, 2010 at 6:27 am

9 pounds 4 ounces, 21.5 inches long

We’re so excited and thankful to welcome sweet baby Jude to our family!  We are absolutely crazy in love with this little boy! 

Here’s a little story about his birth…

I began having strong contractions in the evening on Sunday, April 4 around 6 pm.  We started timing them, but they were very inconsistent…5 minutes, 17 minutes, 12 minutes, etc.  Around 11 pm the contractions stopped.  We decided to go to bed to try to get some rest.  I was awakened from my sleep at 3 am by a very painful contraction followed by another and then another.  Literally, it was one after another after another without a break!

I woke Jake up and told him it was time to go…NOW!  Thankfully, my step-mom, Linda, had arrived on Thursday evening so we knew Ben was in very capable hands.  Jake quickly loaded up our bags (that we had packed only hours before) and headed to the hospital.

Our 35 minute drive to the hospital felt like an eternity!  My contractions were so painful (and did I mention they were coming one right after the other???)!!  When we arrived in triage I was a teensy bit frantic (possibly borderline hysterical).  The sweet lady behind the desk said, “Honey, I think this might be the real thing.”  I wanted to scream out, “YOU THINK??”  But I remained calm…for the time being anyway.  When I told her I was dilated to a 4/5 at my appointment a week ago she immediately got up from her chair and began wheeling me (yes, by the time we arrived at the hospital I could no longer walk) back to triage while calling out to the nursing staff to get to my exam room ASAP. 

At this point I was 8 centimeters dilated and completely effaced.  My IV was started immediately and my triage nurse shouted out to the others in the room, “There’s no time for any more paperwork, we’re moving her to the delivery room NOW!” 

I’d like to say that I was calm and under control as they wheeled me to the elevator and up to that delivery room, but I was far (far, far, far) from calm.  I needed an epidural and I needed it STAT!  Finally, the anesthesiologist arrived and my epidural was in place.  Ahh, the sweet goodness of modern-day medicine.  When I delivered Ben I was given a pump that I could push anytime I felt like the anesthesia was wearing off, however, I was told with this baby that I wouldn’t need the pump, that baby Jude would arrive before I needed additional medicine.  (For future reference I would like to note here…GET THE PUMP!) 

As soon as my water broke it was as if the epidural didn’t exist.  We called for anesthesia but apparently I was the third momma to come in dilated to 8 cm and ready to give birth at any moment.  I think I yelled out something like, “Do you only have ONE anesthesiologist working this morning!?!?!  Call another one.” 

At that point I was dilated to 9 cm and my doctor was in the room along with my nurse and Jake all encouraging me to breathe (hee hee hoo hoo).  Again, I think I yelled out something about how I wasn’t going to breathe “LIKE THAT” and that I’d find the anesthesiologist myself!  Well, the anesthesiologist did arrive, too little too late.  By the time she arrived I was informed that she could no longer give me additional medication because I would not be able to feel my contractions in order to push.  It was go time!!  The details get a little bit blurry for me here, however, I do remember yelling one last thing, “I CAN’T push anymore, sorry, I’m done.”

Thankfully I can laugh about the whole ordeal now.  I’ve decided that while, yes, semi-natural childbirth is crazy hard and painful, I think being unprepared mentally to go through it that way was the most difficult thing for me.  What it boils down to…I was terrified.  Thankfully my sweet husband was there encouraging me and I had an amazing doctor and nurse!! 

A little under two and a half hours after we arrived at the hospital our sweet baby Jude was born. 

We were all completely surprised by how big he was!  After an hour or two we were moved to our recovery room.  On our way to the room, we stopped by the nursery where we dropped Jude off for “a quick evaluation and bath.”  After we were settled in our room and waiting patiently for Jude to arrive, we received a phone call.

The nurse called to tell us that she could hear a heart murmur when she evaluated Jude.  She also told us that his respirations were at 100 per minute when they should have been within the range of 30-60 per minute, a condition we would later learn was called transient tachypnea of the newborn (TTN).  We were told that the pediatrician had been notified and once he evaluated Jude we would know the plan of action.  Jude was eventually moved from the general nursery area to another area called transition where they monitored his heart rate, respirations and oxygen saturation.  After a day and a half the heart murmur resolved on its own and his respirations lowered to 70-80 per minute.  Thankfully by Wednesday afternoon Jude’s respirations stayed in the 70’s allowing him to be discharged with me!!  And at his doctor’s appointment the next day his respirations were back to the “normal” range of 30-60 per minute.   

It’s hard to believe Jude is already six weeks old!  More blog posts coming soon about our crazy life with a two-year old and a newborn!  I appreciate all of you who have waited so patiently to see pictures of Jude…more of those coming soon too!

A few fun facts about Jude’s birth day…

NASA launched the space shuttle Discovery to the International Space Station at 6:21 am, six minutes before Jude was born!  We (everyone but me) were watching it on the TV in our delivery room.

It was opening day for Major League Baseball!

The NCAA men’s college basketball national championship game was played with Duke defeating Butler! 


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