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Study Buddies

(Just a suggestion, but I’m going to recommend that you hum the tune “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” while you read this post!) 

After a month of waiting and checking the NASBA website 2-3 times per day (if not more), we were elated to learn last week that Jake passed the financial section of the CPA exam with a score of 85 (75 is passing)!  Let me assure you that this was no easy task!  The CPA exam is considered one of, if not the most difficult exam to pass and of all the sections comprising the exam, the financial section is also considered the hardest to pass! 

When Jake was promoted to Controller last year, the powers that be strongly encouraged him to get his CPA and when the company offered to foot the bill it was a no brainer…he’d take the exam.  At the beginning of this year, the study materials were ordered and a few weeks later we received a very LARGE box on our doorstep.  It was then that Becker took up residence in our home.  For now we consider Becker an annoying house guest, but we can’t send him packing just yet.  I have a feeling when this whole exam saga is over and done with, we just might have a book burning party.

Speaking of book burning parties…let me digress for a moment.  Typing those three little words…book burning party…made me remember a little book burning party freshman year at JBU.  Anyone want to try to guess the name of the class or teacher??  (Not you, Sonya, since you told me the names of both!)  Yes!  Contemporary Math…oh, how I dreaded, DREADED that class.  And the teacher…her nickname should explain it all, “Ms. Happy Hearts and Stickers.”  No one and I mean NO ONE should be that happy about math THAT early in the morning or ever!  Esh!!  So, yes, when that painful semester was over we celebrated by burning our books behind California dorm!  What a great memory…Sonya and I just laughed hysterically about it while on the phone just now! 

So where was I…ah, yes, back to my smarty pants husband who is a math genius and can compute all kinds of crazy numbers in his head whereas I am lucky to come up with the right answer when using a calculator.  

Studying for the CPA exam is a major commitment.  Becker recommends that you study for approximately 35 hours a week.  So when you break that down Jake’s schedule looks a little something like this:  8am-6pm: work, 6pm-8:30pm: dinner, family time, put Ben to bed, 8:30pm-11pm: study and then lots of studying (4-6 hours a day) on the weekends.  All of that and he still does not come close to the recommended 35 hours a week, but there really aren’t many hours left.  I’ve been super impressed by his dedication to work, family and the exam!!

On the day we found out that he passed the financial section I called our babysitter immediately.  She watched the boys while Jake and I went out to celebrate!  We had a fantastic dinner at a local Irish pub!  It was splendid! 

Since Jake literally does not have the time to study the recommended 35 hours a week, it will take him basically a year to complete all parts (there are a total of 4) and that’s only if he passes each one on the first try.  The plan is for him to take another section of the exam in mid-August  followed by the last two sections sometime in November.  We would greatly appreciate your prayers.  Specifically, that he’ll pass each section of the exam the first time and be a CPA by the end of the year…wouldn’t that be a nice Christmas present!  Way to go, Jake!!  We are super-duper proud of you!


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“Cheeks” at 2 Months

“Cheeks” is the name our babysitter, Amanda, gave to Jude.  When she arrived at our house last week she said she was “so excited” to get my phone call…she “just couldn’t wait to see Cheeks!”  She said she calls him Cheeks because quite possibly he has the chubbiest cheeks of any two month old she knows!!  And when we made a visit to Jake’s work recently one of the ladies took one look at Jude and said, “Oh, I could just eat him with a side of mashed potatoes!”  He is quite delicious!!  We love to give him lots of kisses on those sweet chubby cheeks!  At his two month appointment he weighed 15 pounds and was 24 1/4 inches long and he’s already wearing 6-12 month clothes!!  He’s sleeping about 6-7 hours through the night and is eating on average six times a day. 

Ben loves to hold (with lots of supervision), hug and kiss on baby Jude.  (Let me digress for a moment…Ben also loves to pull on Jude’s arms and legs, to step on him while he’s on the play mat and when Jude cries, Ben likes to try to slap him in the face or throw something at his face…but, I’ll save that for another post…for now I’ll talk about the sweet stuff!)  On many mornings, I’ve just settled in to my comfy glider to feed Jude when Ben bounds through the nursery door!  He usually comes right over to Jude, gives him a peck on the back of the head, followed by a little pat while saying, “I know baby Jude is a little bit tiny.  He’s so cute!”  Then he goes into a full monologue about Jude saying all kinds of cute things like, “Baby Jude is my little brother.  I love him.”

For the most part Jude is one very happy laid back guy.  (Does that remind you of anyone else you may know??  Yep.  His daddy!!)  About the only time he cries is when he’s hungry, super tired or has a dirty diaper.  Other than that, this boy is one smiley guy!  He also already seems to be a great conversationalist!  He loves to coo with anyone that is willing to sit down and have a chat.  He’s so sweet at meal times too.  He makes sure to let us know he is there by cooing along with our conversations and bouncing like crazy in his seat next to us on the floor!  He is such a sweetheart!

Oh, I almost forgot…one other thing that makes Jude cry…hats!  My dad got this outfit for Ben when he was a newborn so I tried it on Jude the other day hoping it would still fit so that I could get a picture of him in it.  (I’m finding that Jude is growing so fast that he’s not able to wear some of his clothes before outgrowing them!)  He didn’t want anything to do with that hat!

So, I did a little digging and apparently Ben didn’t like it either!!  (Ben is one month old in this pic!)


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Jude and Lucy Sittin’ In a Tree

Okay, so maybe it’s more like…sittin’ on a table…s-l-e-e-p-i-n-g!!  Lucy’s mommy, Jenn, and I call them boyfriend and girlfriend.  Lucy was born just two weeks before Jude and here they are at their first playdate together!!

We decided the table was the best place for the babies in order to keep them safe from their older siblings.  Meet Elle and Ben!  Don’t let the “calmly coloring at the table while sitting ever so sweetly in our chairs” picture fool you.  For those of you that know…hmm…how can I best describe it…how active Ben is…Elle is the female equivalent.  It works out quite nicely because they play wonderfully together.  We met them at our neighborhood playgroup when Elle was eight months old and Ben had just turned one.  It’s so much fun watching them grow up together!

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Jude…1 Month


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The Sweetest Thing

The week we brought Jude home from the hospital I walked around the house singing “The Sweetest Thing” by U2.  Although Ben is only two, I’d forgotten just how sweet it is to snuggle with a newborn, and snuggle we did!  It was so nice to have Jake home for a full week, plus we had lots of family visiting from Arkansas too! 

1 Week

The first time Ben met Jude at the hospital he pointed at him and exclaimed, “Baby Jude!”  The first day at home Ben told us very matter of factly, “Baby Jude eats blueberries and jelly beans.”  I can assure you we watched Ben like a hawk to ensure that Jude didn’t get any such morsels shoved into his mouth by his “helpful” big brother!  Some other memorable “fun” things Ben enjoyed doing that first week…he tried to climb into the pack n’ play with Jude while he was sleeping, he’d walk in the room and scream when he was ready for Jude to wake up, he placed pillows and blankets over Jude’s face, and he tried to shove pacifiers in Jude’s mouth when he’d cry.  Speaking of pacifiers…we noticed before long that Jude’s pacifiers began disappearing.  I asked Ben one day if he knew where they were and he told me, “In the trash can, Mommy.”  Apparently, Ben was throwing them away just like we had him do with his pacifier when he was around 18 months when we officially took it away from him for good.  We had a good laugh over the whole thing and instructed Ben that Jude’s pacifiers don’t go in the trash! 

My favorite question Ben asked that week (and still asks) was, “Can baby Jude get down and walk and play with cars and trucks?”  Not long after explaining that Jude wouldn’t be able to play cars and trucks for quite some time, he came running up to me and said, “Look, Mommy, Baby Jude has a car!” 

All of a sudden Ben was very willing to share his toys!

We finally called it quits when I heard, “Look, Mommy, baby Jude has a dump truck!”  It wasn’t a Matchbox size dump truck, it was a large metal dump truck the size of Jude on top of him!  (Sorry no picture of that…we were quick to remove it so that Jude could resume breathing!)


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