The Sweetest Thing

The week we brought Jude home from the hospital I walked around the house singing “The Sweetest Thing” by U2.  Although Ben is only two, I’d forgotten just how sweet it is to snuggle with a newborn, and snuggle we did!  It was so nice to have Jake home for a full week, plus we had lots of family visiting from Arkansas too! 

1 Week

The first time Ben met Jude at the hospital he pointed at him and exclaimed, “Baby Jude!”  The first day at home Ben told us very matter of factly, “Baby Jude eats blueberries and jelly beans.”  I can assure you we watched Ben like a hawk to ensure that Jude didn’t get any such morsels shoved into his mouth by his “helpful” big brother!  Some other memorable “fun” things Ben enjoyed doing that first week…he tried to climb into the pack n’ play with Jude while he was sleeping, he’d walk in the room and scream when he was ready for Jude to wake up, he placed pillows and blankets over Jude’s face, and he tried to shove pacifiers in Jude’s mouth when he’d cry.  Speaking of pacifiers…we noticed before long that Jude’s pacifiers began disappearing.  I asked Ben one day if he knew where they were and he told me, “In the trash can, Mommy.”  Apparently, Ben was throwing them away just like we had him do with his pacifier when he was around 18 months when we officially took it away from him for good.  We had a good laugh over the whole thing and instructed Ben that Jude’s pacifiers don’t go in the trash! 

My favorite question Ben asked that week (and still asks) was, “Can baby Jude get down and walk and play with cars and trucks?”  Not long after explaining that Jude wouldn’t be able to play cars and trucks for quite some time, he came running up to me and said, “Look, Mommy, Baby Jude has a car!” 

All of a sudden Ben was very willing to share his toys!

We finally called it quits when I heard, “Look, Mommy, baby Jude has a dump truck!”  It wasn’t a Matchbox size dump truck, it was a large metal dump truck the size of Jude on top of him!  (Sorry no picture of that…we were quick to remove it so that Jude could resume breathing!)


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3 responses to “The Sweetest Thing

  1. Oma Leah

    Joanna, you have sprinkled smile dust all over the world. My eyes tear with love and happiness for all of us, for the gift of watching Ben and Jude grow… I love and miss you all. Oma

  2. Oh Ben. What a giver you are. Just wait until Mr. Jude can start grabbing things. Life will change as you know it. =)
    I love seeing him in the little monkey outfit! It looks (looked) great on him!
    Miss you all so much!

    • Jake and Joanna

      Hey Sar! The monkey outfit was adorable on him! I loved it and was sad that he outgrew it in a week! It is amazing how fast this boy is growing!! Thanks so much for giving it to him! He wore it home from the hospital. I was holding him up on my shoulder as they wheeled me out and all of the staff standing at the nurses’ station went crazy over the monkey on his bottom! It was so so so very cute! Thanks again!!

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