Catching Up With Ben

So you might be wondering what he

has been up to lately…

Fudgsicle Pops.  By the time he’s eaten his way down to the stick, he’s wearing most of it!  Definitely an outside treat and perfect for trying to cool off during our ridiculously hot summer days in Florida!

Golf Course.  Jake found the cutest little set of toddler size clubs for Ben (I know cute is not typically the way you would describe a set of golf clubs, but these are CUTE…they even come with their own little leather carrying case!).  After they returned home from this particular outing I asked Ben to tell me about his first round of golf (they played three holes).  He told me all about how he drove the golf cart and got sand in his shoes.  I guess at this age, playing in the sand trap is the highlight of any day out on the course!

Potty Training.  Ben is taking more and more of an interest in using his potty.  The potty (that resembles a dump truck) makes all kinds of cool truck noises when he goes.  The highlight…flushing the real potty and saying, “Bye-bye tee tee, bye-bye poopy.”  Each time he goes there is an added incentive…gummy bears.  The kid loves gummy bears!!  I tried to transition him straight from diapers to big boy underwear.  So many people had assured me that if he went tee tee in big boy underwear he would hate the feeling of being wet and never do it again.  Wrong.  Ben seemed to delight in wetting his pants.  In a span of about 2 hours he peed on the floor, the rug, the couch and the high chair.  So we just recently started using pull-ups and they seem to be working quite nicely.  He’s also started using the potty as a stall (no pun intended) tactic to delay nap time and bed time.  Before he even attempts to climb in bed he insists that he needs to go back to the potty again.  Of course we let him go, maybe one of these times he really will have to go, but for now this second trip usually involves lots of sitting with nothing to show for it but an empty potty and a late bed time!    

Big Top.  Not long after Jude was born, the circus came to town.  Jake took Ben, and his friend David took his daughter Olivia to see all of the wonderment under the big top!  I should rephrase…the big HOT top.  Jake said it was so hot outside that everyone inside the tent felt like they were smouldering.  Ben and Olivia devoured their boxes of popcorn and water while watching dog tricks, acrobats and a parade.  After a few short hours, they headed back outside to cool off with a ride on the train before heading home.

Four Wheeler.  Ever since Ben rode on a four wheeler at his Opi and Omi’s house in Arkansas, he’s been obsessed.  (And when Opi’s four wheeler was in the shop having some repairs done, Ben would remind us at dinner to pray for the “sick” four wheeler.)  After Jude was born we surprised Ben with this for his big brother gift!

Cupcake Icing.  Many of our weekends recently have been spent attending friends’ birthday parties!  Ah, the sweet goodness of cupcake icing. 

Good Friends.  My friend Sonya and her two girls, Laynee and Raegan, came for a visit recently.  One morning we took the kids to a nearby park to play.  While we were there a local news crew was seeking out locals to interview regarding a particular tax increase in our city.  Unbeknownst to me they had talked to Sonya.  She informed them that while she was not a local, “The lady carrying the baby in the Bjorn would LOVE to talk to you.”  They made their way over to me and asked if I had lived in the area long.  (And the truth is…I lied.)  I told them I was new to the area.  I know, I should have just told them I wasn’t interested, but I panicked.  Yikes.  First of all, not only did I not have a single drop of make-up on my face (new baby = dark under eye circles) and second, I didn’t even know the local government was considering a tax hike.  Thanks, Sonya.  I owe ya one!   

“Cat Pool.”  On Wednesday mornings during the summer our playgroup meets up at the neighborhood clubhouse to go swimming.  Ben and I were over at the big pool playing when he turned to me and said, “I want to go back to the cat pool, Mommy.”  “The cat pool?”  I asked a little confused.  “Yes, over there,” Ben said pointing at the kiddie pool, apparently also known as the kitty or cat pool!!      

From the mouth of Ben:

Table Manners.  We’ve been working on teaching Ben table manners.  You know the usual…sitting at the table until everyone is finished eating and then asking to be excused, saying please and thank-you, putting his napkin in his lap (Leah, you would be quite proud of your son!  Jake has been teaching Ben the cute little jingle he learned growing up, “Put your napkin in your lap.  How do ya do?”), and the list goes on.  So one evening we were sitting around the table together as a family and Ben’s manners were, well, lacking.  Jake asked him, “Ben, where are your manners?”  To which Ben replied, “In the truck, Daddy.”  Stifling a laugh Jake replied, “Well, you shouldn’t leave them there.  You have to take your manners with you everywhere you go!” 

Important Info.  We’ve also been teaching Ben how to say his last name, our names and our street address.  For those of you that know our last name, it is not an easy one to say and he says it better than most adults!!  He’s learned our names too.  Periodically, he’ll walk up to me and ask, “Are you Jo?” (And since his J’s sometimes sound like D’s it sounds like “dough.”)  When I reply “yes” he says, “No, you’re mommy!”  He’s pretty good at remembering our street name too, but we’re still working on our house number!

Tattle tale.  One Friday evening not too long ago, Jake and Ben went to pick up our pizza from a place right around the corner from our neighborhood.  On Monday, the boys and I were out running errands while Jake was at work.  As we drove by the pizza place Ben told me a funny little story.  As he pointed to the pizza place he said, “Ben and daddy picked up pizza right there!”  This is where the story gets interesting…next he said, “Daddy said, ‘Hold on Ben.'”  I asked, “Ben, Did Daddy drive fast?”  Ben replied, “Yes, Mommy!”  Busted.  I called Jake to find out if he could corroborate the story and sure enough, it was true!


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2 responses to “Catching Up With Ben

  1. Jill

    LOL…. I love him sitting on his little toilet seat. That would be the one to save for his future wife to see or girlfriend. Ok, I’m jumping the gun with marriage and dating, do not mean to scare you, Jo.

  2. Matt and Yvonne

    We really need to come out and see you guys before the year is over. Ben is growing up so fast!

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