Big Hog…Little Hog


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6 responses to “Big Hog…Little Hog

  1. Manda and Joe

    We love this. What an adorable duo!

  2. Lindsey

    they are so cute joanna, i cant wait to see you guys….

  3. Matt and Yvonne

    Cutest picture ever! We love Ben’s big grin and Jude’s round face!

    • Jake and Joanna

      Happy Birthday, Matt!

      Jake thinks Ben looks a lot like you in this picture! What do you think? I can see it too!

      Hope you are having a wonderful birthday! Say ‘hi’ to Yvonne for us! Love and miss you both!

      Joanna (Jake, Ben and Jude too!)

  4. Matt and Yvonne

    Yes he does, I can see it too!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. All I want for my birthday is a new YouTube video of Ben and Jude!

  5. Oma Leah

    Whoa. Talk about ask and it shall be given unto you……. Videos for Matt. So Nice. Thanks, Joanna.

    And it’s nice to see Matt & Tim getting on the ‘Toot Joanna’s Horn Bandwagon’. Can you imagine reading these stories about your great-grand-father’s life in 1910? Now think how your great grandchildren will sing your praises – not to mention those of us in the here and now.

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