Jude…3 Months

At three months, Jude is weighing in at 17 pounds.  He’s still eating six times a day and is sleeping about eight hours through the night.  Unless that night was last night.  Jake and I were up with him at least ten times starting from about 4 am until he was ready to eat at 7 am.  He kept spitting out his paci, only to want it back again and again and again.  Esh.  Then to add to our already delightful morning of no sleep, Ben threw up around 7:30 am.  He’d warned me that his tummy was hurting so I had his puke bucket close by.  Sure enough, in his usual fashion, he had two puking episodes over a period of a few hours and then he seemed pretty much back to his normal self minus a little energy.  He was content to hang out on the couch watching Cars followed by Toy Story 2 while sipping Gatorade and telling me, “This is a special treat, Mommy.”  Sweet boy.  Too bad puking had to be tied in to this “special treat”.  Thankfully, both boys are sleeping now.  Hopefully we’ll all get a little more rest tonight and enjoy a healthy tomorrow!   

Here is Jude chillin’ at the pool on Wednesdays with us.  After he wakes up from his first nap of the day and eats, we pack up the car and head down to the pool.  He likes to hang out with me and dip his feet and legs into the water for a little while before settling into his bouncer for his second nap.  After a not so pleasant (extremely hot) visit to the zoo recently, a friend of mine recommended I purchase a couple of stroller fans for the boys.  It has been one of the best purchases I’ve made this summer!  The fans are made with foam blades so the boys can’t hurt themselves (Ben is fascinated with the blades and loves to stick his fingers in them while proudly announcing, “Look, Mommy, it stopped!”).  If you’re looking for a way to keep your kiddos cool this summer while you’re out and about, I’d highly recommend this fan!  

I also have to comment on Jude’s little tiger blanket.  I got it as a shower gift from my friend, Amy.  Ben didn’t have one of these blankets and little did I know how amazing they are!  From the day we brought Jude home from the hospital he’s been holding on and snuggling with the blanket that way.  It is the sweetest thing.  He doesn’t go anywhere without it and he sleeps with it at every nap and through the night…making it a little challenging to find time to wash it!     

One of Jude’s favorite new pastimes is playing with rattles.  Have I mentioned that this boy has some kind of crazy strong grip?  We’ve called him a little monkey for the longest time because when I’m holding him he usually has a big fist full of my hair (yes, it is a little painful).  And now while I’m changing his diaper, he grabs one of my arms and holds on super tight.  So tight that his little fingers turn white and I have to unwrap them from my arm so that I can finish changing his diaper.  Now that Ben knows Jude can hold on to a rattle, I’ve caught him trying to pry Jude’s little fists open while mashing a Matchbox car in his hand.  Just about every day Ben asks, “Can baby Jude play cars and trucks with me?”    

Love. This. Boy!



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2 responses to “Jude…3 Months

  1. waltandannie

    Ah, Jo – he’s so cute! I think he looks like a Schulte! Something about his eyes, I think. There’s a bit of resemblance between him and Jackson, maybe?

    Thanks for the post. Love seeing pictures of your sweet Jude!

  2. Oh my stars. Audrey just had her 9 month appointment and she weighed in at 18 lbs. 2 oz. That Jude is solid!
    He is such a cute baby! I love how he snuggles with the little tiger blanket. Man, I wish we were there to go to the pool with you each day. That sounds fabulous!
    I laughed at Ben saying “special treat”. That’s what we call them with Jax too. He’s always asking for special treats now. I try to tell him they aren’t special if he can get them everyday!

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