Matchbox Boot Camp

I had just laid Jude down for his morning nap when I walked around the corner of the hallway and stumbled upon this scene unfolding in the playroom…

(Ben standing in front of a row of Matchbox cars that he’d just lined up)

Ben:  Do you remember the rules?

(Matchbox cars listening intently to their drill sergeant)

Ben:  No punching, no scratching and no splashing.

(Matchbox cars still lined up in a row looking a bit intimidated at this point)

Ben:  Do you know what that means, cars?

(Matchbox cars not making a peep)

Ben:  Okay.

(Ben begins to roll out the troops)


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5 responses to “Matchbox Boot Camp

  1. Jill

    That is too funny. Does that remind you of anyone? umm…. Tim.

  2. Matt and Yvonne

    I know it’s been said already, but you’re a really good writer. It’s almost like I was there watching Ben as it happened!

  3. Tim

    This is awesome!! I agree with Matt 100%. You are an outstanding writer Jo. This is the first time I’ve been on since Jude’s 2 month and I’m loving the updates. I wish I was dedicated to keeping a blog up. Between Shark week on Discovery and the multiple trips to the kitchen each night between 8 and 10 for Scooby snacks for myself and ummmm Candice, I hardly have time for much else.

    • Jake and Joanna

      Thanks for your sweet comments, Matt and Tim! I have the best subject material to write about…my family!!

      Tim…you crack me up…you almost made me spew water out of my nose…shark week, Scooby snacks…ummmm…that’s super funny stuff!

  4. Jill

    I’m surprised Tim is even watching Shark week with how afraid he was of Sharks after watching Jaws. Making sure all his body parts were not off the bed at night time and afraid to even get out of the bed afraid one was under the bed. LOL.

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