“To Infinity and Beyond”

As I’m writing this post, the boys (and the dog) are napping.  All I can hear is the hum of their monitors.  This is my special treat…quiet time!!  Since Jude’s birth it seems like every waking moment is filled with one or the other and in most cases both boys needing my attention.  I’m sitting at the breakfast table working on the laptop.  And I just realized that I’m not alone.  I have Buzz Lightyear to keep me company.  Buzz was our distinguished guest at lunch this afternoon and it just so happens that Ben left him sitting on top of the table.  How appropriate since this is the post I’m working on…

A week or so after Toy Story 3 opened in the theaters we took Ben to see it (the 3-D version).  It was Ben’s first movie theater experience and it went better than expected.  Well, I’m not really sure what I expected.  I wondered if he might be scared of the dark theater, if he might not wear the 3-D glasses, if he’d talk through the entire movie or if he’d want to get up and run around.  But, it went great!  We took him to a matinée after his nap.  We purchased our tickets at the window (I even had a free ticket!!) and made our way up to the concession stand where we made our selections of popcorn and Sprite (I made sure to pack some sweet treats from home in my bag, but movie theater popcorn is a must!!).  Next, we let Ben hand the nice gentleman our tickets as we caravaned down the hallway and into the theater.  We made our way all the way up to the second to last row from the top and plopped down into the cushy seats. 

Ben loved everything about going to the movie!  He chowed down on the popcorn and slurped up the Sprite with great delight.  When the movie started and the lights were turned off he wanted to sit on Jake’s lap, then my lap, then Jake’s lap…you get the idea.  We also let him stand up a few times in front of us to stretch his legs and shake the ants out.  =)  And really the only talking he did was when they introduced the wind-up cimbal-playing monkey toy.  The monkey surveys the security monitors at the Sunnyside Daycare Center and he is a teensy bit scary.  So from the time the monkey was introduced until he was wrapped in tape and placed in a drawer, Ben repeatedly asked, “Is the monkey coming, Daddy?”  Jake and I were both thankful when they finally stuck him in the drawer!

Oh, and did I mention we took Jude with us too!  Never would I have ever thought about taking Ben to a movie at Jude’s age, but I wasn’t about to miss Ben’s first movie experience.  Jude was a trooper.  He woke up sometime during the movie, I fed him, he watched the big screen for a little bit before his eyes grew heavy once more and he drifted off back to sleep in my arms.  I moved him back to his car seat and he stayed asleep until the end of the movie.  I did notice after we arrived home and I took him out of his car seat that he had some popcorn on him.  Thankfully, he didn’t seem to mind.

Now that he’s seen the Toy Story movies Ben likes to run around the house and pretend he is Buzz Lightyear.  He’s started jumping off the couch, train table, stools, etc…pretty much any surface he can find that is off the ground…I even caught him standing on top of the arms of his high chair!!   When he jumps he yells out, “To infinity and beyond!” 

We were in the playroom one afternoon and Ben was standing on his red chair swinging his arms up in the air over and over again while jumping.  All of a sudden he burst into tears.  This was our conversation:

Me:  What’s wrong, Ben?

Ben:  I want to fly, Mommy.

Me:  It’s okay, you can jump off your chair…I’m right here.

Ben:  No, Mommy, I want to fly.  As he continues to jump up while swinging his arms

Me:  Do you want to fly like Buzz?

Ben:  Yes.  As he’s fighting back more tears

Me:  Maybe we could fly on an airplane soon.  Would you like that?

Ben:  Yes.  Said with a slight quiver in his voice  (I love this boy’s determination!)


Other Toy Story quotes I’ve overheard him saying or singing:

“Andy…”  He has conversations with Andy (yes, cartoon Andy) while they play together.

He sings, “You’ve got a friend in me.”  The theme song from the Toy Story movies.

“Take your places, Everybody.  Mommy’s coming, Mommy’s coming.”

“Star command, come in.”


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2 responses to ““To Infinity and Beyond”

  1. Give that boy a squeeze from me. I don’t think he could be any cuter.

    I wanted to take Jax to see Toy Story 3 for his first movie, too. Dave wasn’t sure if he would sit through it. This proves to me that we could do it. I’ll see how it goes.

    Way to go, taking Jude along!

  2. Jill

    That is too cute.. I can not wait to see you guys again.

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