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A Fashion Statement of Sorts

Ah-h-h-h-h-h!  Naptime…at least for the boys anyway.  Yes, they’re napping at the same time!  It doesn’t happen every day but when it does, it’s a beautiful thing!!  We’ve had a fun, busy morning. 

First, we went to the post office to mail some packages.  Ben saw a police officer there and was enamored by him.  The police officer even gave him a badge to wear that he is still sporting quite proudly on his shirt.  Ben kept asking me, “Mommy, is he going to drive away in his police car?” 

Next, we went over to a friend’s house for our weekly neighborhood playgroup.  Yes, the kids play, but what they mostly want to do is sample each other’s snacks.  After about an hour Jude started to get a little sleepy so we packed up our things and came home.  I put Jude in his crib and not long after Ben and I sat down to eat our lunch.

Lunch began with a story from Ben about a “roast beef bird” he saw today (he was eating a roast beef sandwich for lunch).  Ben pointed out the window as it apparently flew close to our breakfast table.  He went on and on and on describing this unique bird, and unique it is!  Then our conversation turned to this…

Ben:  I like frogs and lizards, Mommy.

Me:  You do?  That’s cool.  You must be very brave!

Ben:  I like to kill them.

Me:  Oh.  Wouldn’t you rather play with them?

Ben:  No.  I want to kill them and wear them.

Me:  I think you should play nice with your friends, Frog and Lizard…  And just remember, we don’t bring them in the house.  Okay?

Alrighty then.  Ben wants to wear frog and lizard carcasses.  Lovely. 

I wonder if the Discovery Channel would be interested in a new show…Ben vs. Wild!


I’ve been searching for this picture and finally found it.  It’s from a day back in June.  Ben and Dakota spent at least an hour on the back porch trying to capture this poor frog.  Dakota was barking and Ben was screaming with excitement the ENTIRE time! 


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Meet Ben’s Alter Ego


One morning Ben came to me making a “nnn…nnn…nnn” sound with a toy hanging out of his mouth.  He told me he was a dog.  When I asked him if he had a name he replied, “Seth.”  I have no idea where he came up with the name Seth considering that he doesn’t know anyone by that name, but even so, that is his doggie name.  While Ben, in all of his two-year old glory, is sometimes not so good, it turns out that Seth is a very good dog.  Not only can he sit, shake and fetch on command, he’ll also pick up his toys, come to the table when he’s called for lunch and go right to his room for a diaper change the first time he’s asked.  

Although Seth is a very good doggie, there are a few things that he’s been instructed not to do…no licking the tile floor (yes, I’ve caught him doing this on more than one occasion and his response is always, “Like Dakota!”), no drinking from Dakota’s water bowl (as seen here), and absolutely no licking friends or strangers (yep, he licked a little girl on the arm at the pool one day…we did not know her but thankfully her mommy was very understanding and we all had a big laugh.)

So, I’m wondering how much therapy Ben would need if we changed his name?  I was thinking we could call him Seth just until he turns three, or maybe four!

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A Fish Named Ben and The Surprise That Made His Millennium

We decided to enroll Ben in Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) class this summer.  For those of you not familiar with ISR you should check out their website here, but in a nutshell it teaches aquatic survival skills.  So at the end of April, lessons began and for the next eight weeks for ten minutes every evening Ben had a one-on-one lesson with Mrs. Rhonda.  Ben LOVES Mrs. Rhonda!  Here’s the incredible thing, Ben went from crying and screaming, “Help! Help!” the first week to THIS at his graduation…

Pretty amazing, huh!?!  I should point out that in the graduation video above he had to come fully dressed with a regular diaper and tennis shoes.  He weighed a TON when we took him out of the water!!  No floaties allowed either.  The intent is to simulate a child accidentally falling into a body of water.  In order to graduate he had to swim for a short distance, then roll onto a back float position to get a breath, and then turn back over to swim again in search of an exit.  

Another really cool thing about the swim lessons, we met some really awesome people in our neighborhood!  Steve and Kara opened their home to us (and four other families) every night during lessons.  They let the kids play in their house, loaned us dry clothes and fed us on many occasions.  Here’s their kids, Kaden and Kylie, greeting Ben in their usual fashion before swim lessons.  They have become great friends!

And if all of that wasn’t cool enough, Mrs. Rhonda had a super-duper special surprise the night Ben graduated…a visit from a fire truck!!!  It turns out that her husband is a firefighter so she pulled a few strings and had some of the men drive the truck over to Steve and Kara’s house.  It was complete pandemonium when they pulled up.  Ben was elated!  Real firefighters AND a real fire truck!  He got to tour the truck, sit in the driver’s seat, and wear a firefighter badge!


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Jude…Months 4 & 5

Month 4



Jude is quite delightful.  He’s incredibly snuggable and squeezable too!!  At his four-month appointment, he weighed in at 17 pounds 3 ounces (90%) and he was 25 1/2 inches long (75%) with a head circumference of 16 1/2 inches (50%). Some of my favorite things from his fourth month:  playing peek-a-boo…it always elicits big belly laughs from him; crazy ticklish…from drying him off after a bath to changing his diaper this kid is laughing almost the entire time; the bumbo…he looks so big in his new-found perch; 

and rolling over (attempting)…a feat he just recently accomplished in… 

Month 5

Dimples!  Need I say more?!?


Toes.  Jude recently discovered his cute little tootsies…he’s constantly trying to grab them and put them in his mouth.  Arms.  Check out that forearm…I love his little rubber band wrists too!

Super Jude…one of his favorite ways to be transported from Point A to Point B.  We also like to play a fun little game where he flies around the house chasing Ben!  It’s hard to believe our little “big” guy is going to be six months old in a week and a half!!


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