A Fish Named Ben and The Surprise That Made His Millennium

We decided to enroll Ben in Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) class this summer.  For those of you not familiar with ISR you should check out their website here, but in a nutshell it teaches aquatic survival skills.  So at the end of April, lessons began and for the next eight weeks for ten minutes every evening Ben had a one-on-one lesson with Mrs. Rhonda.  Ben LOVES Mrs. Rhonda!  Here’s the incredible thing, Ben went from crying and screaming, “Help! Help!” the first week to THIS at his graduation…

Pretty amazing, huh!?!  I should point out that in the graduation video above he had to come fully dressed with a regular diaper and tennis shoes.  He weighed a TON when we took him out of the water!!  No floaties allowed either.  The intent is to simulate a child accidentally falling into a body of water.  In order to graduate he had to swim for a short distance, then roll onto a back float position to get a breath, and then turn back over to swim again in search of an exit.  

Another really cool thing about the swim lessons, we met some really awesome people in our neighborhood!  Steve and Kara opened their home to us (and four other families) every night during lessons.  They let the kids play in their house, loaned us dry clothes and fed us on many occasions.  Here’s their kids, Kaden and Kylie, greeting Ben in their usual fashion before swim lessons.  They have become great friends!

And if all of that wasn’t cool enough, Mrs. Rhonda had a super-duper special surprise the night Ben graduated…a visit from a fire truck!!!  It turns out that her husband is a firefighter so she pulled a few strings and had some of the men drive the truck over to Steve and Kara’s house.  It was complete pandemonium when they pulled up.  Ben was elated!  Real firefighters AND a real fire truck!  He got to tour the truck, sit in the driver’s seat, and wear a firefighter badge!


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2 responses to “A Fish Named Ben and The Surprise That Made His Millennium

  1. Is it silly that I teared up watching Ben swim? What a cool thing! I remember hearing about that program on the news a while back. I would love for the kids to learn that. What a big boy! Way to go Ben!
    And the picture of him in front of the fire truck is just too much. You MUST frame that one. So glad you met some new friends through all of this!

  2. Matt and Yvonne

    The underwater picture and the group hug picture are great!

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