Meet Ben’s Alter Ego


One morning Ben came to me making a “nnn…nnn…nnn” sound with a toy hanging out of his mouth.  He told me he was a dog.  When I asked him if he had a name he replied, “Seth.”  I have no idea where he came up with the name Seth considering that he doesn’t know anyone by that name, but even so, that is his doggie name.  While Ben, in all of his two-year old glory, is sometimes not so good, it turns out that Seth is a very good dog.  Not only can he sit, shake and fetch on command, he’ll also pick up his toys, come to the table when he’s called for lunch and go right to his room for a diaper change the first time he’s asked.  

Although Seth is a very good doggie, there are a few things that he’s been instructed not to do…no licking the tile floor (yes, I’ve caught him doing this on more than one occasion and his response is always, “Like Dakota!”), no drinking from Dakota’s water bowl (as seen here), and absolutely no licking friends or strangers (yep, he licked a little girl on the arm at the pool one day…we did not know her but thankfully her mommy was very understanding and we all had a big laugh.)

So, I’m wondering how much therapy Ben would need if we changed his name?  I was thinking we could call him Seth just until he turns three, or maybe four!


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  1. This is too much! I love how Dakota just sits and watches “Seth” run by to get the toy. He is so cute, Jo. I miss him!

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