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A Toy Story Halloween

Happy Halloween from Woody, Jessie, Buzz and Rex!


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Can I Get an “AMEN” Up in Here?

A few things about this video:

  1. Please excuse the unmade bed and unfolded laundry on the chair.  Apparently, I did not do my chores.
  2. Ben’s hair is wet in the video because he helped me give Jude a bath and decided he’d dip his own head into the bathtub.
  3. Each month at school the kids have a Bible Point and Response along with a memory verse to learn.  For the month of September the Bible Point was: “God Made Us” and the Response was: “Praise Him!” 
  4. Ben loves to go and get this devotional book off my nightstand (it was a birthday gift from my brother and his family…I highly recommend it…I love it!).  Then he’ll sit down and tell us that he’s going to read the “Bible” to us. 
  5. On this particular occasion he proceeds to share with us not only Bible stories but things unique to the Bible (i.e. “Someone is very special to do these words.”  “Guys do these words before they left.” “Some of the paper is very soft.”) 
  6. I love at the end of the video when I ask him if he wants to say anything else about Jesus he says, “Hi, Jesus.”


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Gone Fishin’

In late August/early September Grandpa Bill came to visit us for a few days.  Since Grandpa Bill is an outdoorsy kind of guy I thought it’d be fun for him to teach Ben how to fish.  After selecting the necessities of a tackle box, fishing poles, and live bait (worms!!), the fishermen were ready to cast their lines.  Ben was so excited about this fishing trip!  As we made our way to the dock that morning we talked all about how we’d catch the fish and then cook them for dinner (and in case you’re wondering…we didn’t really cook them for dinner, they were all pretty small so we threw them back in)! 

As you can see in the video and from the look on his face in this picture, when the fish started flopping Ben was DONE!  For the rest of the time Ben was content to eat snacks, play with the tackle box and dig dirt in the cup of worms while watching Grandpa Bill catch all the fish!

After a hard day’s work of fishing we headed down to the neighborhood playground to kick up our heels and go swinging!  Thanks for coming to visit us, Grandpa Bill!


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Calisthenics…A Must Before the First Day of Preschool

At the end of August, Ben started preschool in the 2’s class at our church.  He goes twice a week for three hours each day.  A typical day consists of opening centers, circle time, playground, lunch, Bible or Music, centers, story time and snack.  It’s fun to hear him singing new songs while he’s playing around the house and he makes us laugh when he recaps the Bible stories he’s learned.  The morning before we left for the first day I was trying to take some pictures of him and he kept doing what appeared to be stretching exercises after I put his backpack on.  When we arrived at school I asked him if he wanted to wear it for the quick jaunt into his classroom.  “No, Mommy.”  He said.  “It’s too heavy.”  Poor thing.  I felt bad.  This year they are required to have a full size backpack (with no wheels)…so we couldn’t use the smaller one from last year.

Ben’s preschool is run as a Co-op which basically means that parents must commit to serve as helpers in various classrooms periodically throughout the year.  So far I’ve helped in the nursery and in one of the four-year old classrooms.  On the days I work in the nursery I get to hang out with Jude!  And in the four-year old classroom there is a little boy who wears a green cape (made from one of his dad’s t-shirts) everyday.  He makes me laugh!  I’m also the room parent for Ben’s class this year.  I’ll admit, I don’t consider myself a real creative/artsy/crafty kind of person so I’ve been a little nervous about this job duty, but so far so good…we’ve got some fun things planned for the year.  Any ideas/suggestions for cool stuff to do for the class would be greatly appreciated!! 

Ben was a little hesitant entering his new classroom and saying goodbye to me on the first day, but once he spotted the cars and trucks and a few familiar faces from last year’s MMO class everything seemed a little bit better.  I love hearing from his teachers about the funny things he does in the classroom.  Last week his teacher said they were lining up to go outside on the playground when Ben belted out a “very animated” version of the Arkansas Razorback fight song.  The teacher said she waited for him to finish and then they all clapped for him.  And, for those of you not on Facebook, here’s a comment I posted several weeks ago from a conversation I had with Ben on the way home from school.

On the way home from preschool today Ben told me that he had fun playing “arbles” with his friends, Miles and Sammy. “What are arbles?” I asked him. “You know, Mommy, arbles…C-A-K…arbles.” Well, that helps clear it up!

Some of my favorite pieces of artwork Ben has brought home this year.  As you can see they’ve been learning about families and colors!

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On the first day of school Ben had to bring in a piece of construction paper decorated with pictures of family members.  So I put together this collage and he decorated it with lots of construction vehicle stickers.  His teacher laminated them and they use them as their placemats for lunch each day!  The director of the preschool told me she stopped by Ben’s classroom for lunch one day and sat next to him.  She said he told her all about his family in the pictures and “about his dog, Dakota!”

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Mother Goose Would Be Proud

A few things about this video:

  1. Ben  has started insisting that he read to us.  The funny thing is that he has a lot of his books memorized so it often appears as if he’s reading although we know he’s really not.  Sometimes he’ll even run his finger along the words as he quotes the book to really make you think he’s reading it.  When he doesn’t know the words he’ll just throw in a little jibberish.
  2. To comfort Jude when he starts to get upset, Ben usually begins bolting out the lyrics to the nursery rhymes “Rock-a-bye Baby” and/or “Baa Baa Black Sheep.”  In the video, I love how he adds, “…and one for the little boy Ben and Jude down the lane.” 


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A few things about this video:

  1. We do put clothes on Jude.  On this particular day he was hanging out with me at the table while I finished my lunch when he spit-up down the front of his shirt.  I had just taken it off when he started acting super cute so I grabbed the camera.
  2. We’ve given him yet another nickname, Bamm-Bamm from the Flintstones.  Fitting, don’t you think?  At six months old, this boy is crazy strong and he usually holds his toys in one hand and bangs them from side to side reminding us of Bamm-Bamm.
  3. When he’s really excited I love how he circles both of his feet around and around.  When Ben was Jude’s age he used to do the same thing with his hands!
  4. The way he smiles when we say “mama” and “dada” melts this mama’s heart! 


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“Little Fella” Jude…6 Months

“Little Fella.”  That’s Ben’s latest nickname for Jude.  When he’s not calling him “Baby Dub” or “poop,” it’s “Little Fella.”  Oh and yes, you read that right, “poop” is another nickname Ben has for Jude.  Ben’s obsessed with poop.  For example, he likes to stand behind Dakota (our dog) while he’s pooping in the yard and then he bends down to exam it.  Gross, I know.  I wonder if this is an obsession of all two-year old boys or just something unique to our son?  Anywho, anytime he calls Jude “poop” we remind him that we don’t call anyone by that name!

At his six month appointment our not-so-little “Little Fella” weighed in at 19 pounds and 7 1/2 ounces.  He’s 27 1/4 inches long with a head circumference of 17 1/4 cm.  We also learned that he has two bottom front teeth coming in!

Jude’s first wagon ride!  And there is no one he’d rather ride with than his big brother Ben!  It’s so cute to watch Jude watch Ben.  I’m pretty sure he thinks Ben is the coolest brother ever!  No joke, it is getting difficult to feed him when Ben is in the room because all Jude wants to do is turn his head and watch him.  So while this fascination can be a bit challenging at times, it comes in quite handy when I’m trying to make dinner.  Jude is often content to hang out in his Bumbo while watching Ben play (usually with cars and trucks).  Over the noise of pots and pans clanging in the kitchen I can hear lots of squealing tires (sound effects provided by Ben) followed by squeals of delight coming from Jude!

I should point out here that life between the two of them is not always so peaceful.  One afternoon Jude was relaxing in his bouncy seat by the back sliding glass door while Ben played nearby with a tractor.  All of a sudden I heard Jude scream out.  As I hustled over to investigate I asked Ben what happened.  He replied, “I bounced him REALLY high, Mommy!”  Another time I was loading the washing machine when I heard Jude scream out from Ben’s room.  Again, I sprinted in the room and asked Ben what happened.  He replied, “I hit Jude in the head with that BIG truck over there, Mommy!”  The silver lining in these situations is this…Ben is telling me the truth about exactly how he’s picking on Jude.  One thing I know…Jude’s going to be a tough kid.  Another thing I’m fairly certain of…Jude’s going to be the same size as Ben before long.  

Our very happy little lamb after bath time.

Now that he’s mastered rolling over, he’s working on sitting up without toppling over.  He seems like such a big boy sitting up all by himself!

When I told Ben we were taking Jude to the doctor for his six month appointment he asked, “Are we going to give him back?”  Stifling a laugh I said, “No, we get to keep him!”  While clapping Ben responded, “Oh!  Yay!”


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The One-Yearly Anniversary of Jake!

Ben kicked off Jake’s birthday weekend by surprising him with balloons at work on Friday.  I can’t even tell you how excited Ben was about making this special delivery.  I also can’t remember the number of times Ben reminded me about going to pick out the balloons.  Jake brought them home with him at the end of the day…Ben’s been playing with them ever since.

After the balloon surprise we took Jake out to eat lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Amura.  A Bubba roll for Jake and a boxed lunch of chicken teriyaki for me.  Yummy!  Ben scarfed down Subway and enjoyed a special cookie treat while Jude played happily in his Bumbo.  It was a wonderful lunch!

I’d like to note here that I would have posted this earlier, but we had to make ourselves scarce around the house today while Jake reviewed his study materials one last time for the CPA exam he’ll take tomorrow afternoon.  We found out about a week ago that he passed the second section, Regulation!!  Two down, two to go.  Please pray that he’ll pass the Auditing section tomorrow!  He’s also scheduled to take the fourth (and hopefully final) section of the exam on November 30th!  While Jake was studying, we met up with some friends from Ben’s preschool class at Leu Gardens.  Madison, Miles and Ben had a ball chasing after the butterflies in the butterfly garden, smelling (and picking) the roses in the rose garden and playing chase in the open fields.  This afternoon Ben said, “Mommy, Miles is my best friend.  He talks louder and louder and louder!”  They loved being loud together today and playing tackle!! 

After Jake finished his studying for the day and both boys took good afternoon naps, a few friends and neighbors arrived to help celebrate Jake’s birthday.  The weather has been beautiful around here lately!  So, we asked everyone to bring their favorite lounge chair and outside toy and we had a party in the cul-de-sac.  The kids rode their bikes and motorized toys, splashed in the water table and colored on the sidewalks with chalk.  We at pizza, cupcakes and killer cake and toasted to Jake on his special day! 

So I guess there are just two words left to say, “Traditional Transitional!”  (hee hee hee…just kidding) “Happy Birthday!”  Jake, you are a wonderful husband and father!  We love you!! 

Oh, and another thing…Ben made this for you before he went to bed.  He was adamant about singing Happy Birthday one more time so I thought I’d film it!

And another thing…Happy Birthday to Jake’s cousin, Derek!!  We hope you had a wonderful day!!

And another thing…Congratulations to Jake’s cousin, Shannon and her family…today they welcomed Savannah Reed Sellinger.  Born at 8:43. 7 lbs 11 oz, 18.5 inches long AND  to my cousin Molly and her family…they welcomed a baby BOY today!  Molly was told she was having a girl and, surprise, she had a boy!  What an exciting day!

And another thing…just kidding!!  That’s all folks!

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