The One-Yearly Anniversary of Jake!

Ben kicked off Jake’s birthday weekend by surprising him with balloons at work on Friday.  I can’t even tell you how excited Ben was about making this special delivery.  I also can’t remember the number of times Ben reminded me about going to pick out the balloons.  Jake brought them home with him at the end of the day…Ben’s been playing with them ever since.

After the balloon surprise we took Jake out to eat lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Amura.  A Bubba roll for Jake and a boxed lunch of chicken teriyaki for me.  Yummy!  Ben scarfed down Subway and enjoyed a special cookie treat while Jude played happily in his Bumbo.  It was a wonderful lunch!

I’d like to note here that I would have posted this earlier, but we had to make ourselves scarce around the house today while Jake reviewed his study materials one last time for the CPA exam he’ll take tomorrow afternoon.  We found out about a week ago that he passed the second section, Regulation!!  Two down, two to go.  Please pray that he’ll pass the Auditing section tomorrow!  He’s also scheduled to take the fourth (and hopefully final) section of the exam on November 30th!  While Jake was studying, we met up with some friends from Ben’s preschool class at Leu Gardens.  Madison, Miles and Ben had a ball chasing after the butterflies in the butterfly garden, smelling (and picking) the roses in the rose garden and playing chase in the open fields.  This afternoon Ben said, “Mommy, Miles is my best friend.  He talks louder and louder and louder!”  They loved being loud together today and playing tackle!! 

After Jake finished his studying for the day and both boys took good afternoon naps, a few friends and neighbors arrived to help celebrate Jake’s birthday.  The weather has been beautiful around here lately!  So, we asked everyone to bring their favorite lounge chair and outside toy and we had a party in the cul-de-sac.  The kids rode their bikes and motorized toys, splashed in the water table and colored on the sidewalks with chalk.  We at pizza, cupcakes and killer cake and toasted to Jake on his special day! 

So I guess there are just two words left to say, “Traditional Transitional!”  (hee hee hee…just kidding) “Happy Birthday!”  Jake, you are a wonderful husband and father!  We love you!! 

Oh, and another thing…Ben made this for you before he went to bed.  He was adamant about singing Happy Birthday one more time so I thought I’d film it!

And another thing…Happy Birthday to Jake’s cousin, Derek!!  We hope you had a wonderful day!!

And another thing…Congratulations to Jake’s cousin, Shannon and her family…today they welcomed Savannah Reed Sellinger.  Born at 8:43. 7 lbs 11 oz, 18.5 inches long AND  to my cousin Molly and her family…they welcomed a baby BOY today!  Molly was told she was having a girl and, surprise, she had a boy!  What an exciting day!

And another thing…just kidding!!  That’s all folks!

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One response to “The One-Yearly Anniversary of Jake!

  1. Happy Birthday Jake! Praying for you as you take your test.
    The video of Ben is so sweet. He is so so so so cute. I can’t stand it.

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