“Little Fella” Jude…6 Months

“Little Fella.”  That’s Ben’s latest nickname for Jude.  When he’s not calling him “Baby Dub” or “poop,” it’s “Little Fella.”  Oh and yes, you read that right, “poop” is another nickname Ben has for Jude.  Ben’s obsessed with poop.  For example, he likes to stand behind Dakota (our dog) while he’s pooping in the yard and then he bends down to exam it.  Gross, I know.  I wonder if this is an obsession of all two-year old boys or just something unique to our son?  Anywho, anytime he calls Jude “poop” we remind him that we don’t call anyone by that name!

At his six month appointment our not-so-little “Little Fella” weighed in at 19 pounds and 7 1/2 ounces.  He’s 27 1/4 inches long with a head circumference of 17 1/4 cm.  We also learned that he has two bottom front teeth coming in!

Jude’s first wagon ride!  And there is no one he’d rather ride with than his big brother Ben!  It’s so cute to watch Jude watch Ben.  I’m pretty sure he thinks Ben is the coolest brother ever!  No joke, it is getting difficult to feed him when Ben is in the room because all Jude wants to do is turn his head and watch him.  So while this fascination can be a bit challenging at times, it comes in quite handy when I’m trying to make dinner.  Jude is often content to hang out in his Bumbo while watching Ben play (usually with cars and trucks).  Over the noise of pots and pans clanging in the kitchen I can hear lots of squealing tires (sound effects provided by Ben) followed by squeals of delight coming from Jude!

I should point out here that life between the two of them is not always so peaceful.  One afternoon Jude was relaxing in his bouncy seat by the back sliding glass door while Ben played nearby with a tractor.  All of a sudden I heard Jude scream out.  As I hustled over to investigate I asked Ben what happened.  He replied, “I bounced him REALLY high, Mommy!”  Another time I was loading the washing machine when I heard Jude scream out from Ben’s room.  Again, I sprinted in the room and asked Ben what happened.  He replied, “I hit Jude in the head with that BIG truck over there, Mommy!”  The silver lining in these situations is this…Ben is telling me the truth about exactly how he’s picking on Jude.  One thing I know…Jude’s going to be a tough kid.  Another thing I’m fairly certain of…Jude’s going to be the same size as Ben before long.  

Our very happy little lamb after bath time.

Now that he’s mastered rolling over, he’s working on sitting up without toppling over.  He seems like such a big boy sitting up all by himself!

When I told Ben we were taking Jude to the doctor for his six month appointment he asked, “Are we going to give him back?”  Stifling a laugh I said, “No, we get to keep him!”  While clapping Ben responded, “Oh!  Yay!”



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2 responses to ““Little Fella” Jude…6 Months

  1. Jill

    those are so cute of Jude…. He is getting big. Ben sounds so sweet and he cares so much for his little brother. But like you said Jude will get big soon just like Ben… Oh Boy…..

  2. Um, Ben is not the only one obsessed with poop talk. If I had a quarter for every time I tell Jackson, “No potty talk!” I’d be a rich woman. What is the obsession? I have a funny poop story for you, but I’ll save it for an e-mail or phone call. Don’t really want it on your blog for the world to see. =)

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