Calisthenics…A Must Before the First Day of Preschool

At the end of August, Ben started preschool in the 2’s class at our church.  He goes twice a week for three hours each day.  A typical day consists of opening centers, circle time, playground, lunch, Bible or Music, centers, story time and snack.  It’s fun to hear him singing new songs while he’s playing around the house and he makes us laugh when he recaps the Bible stories he’s learned.  The morning before we left for the first day I was trying to take some pictures of him and he kept doing what appeared to be stretching exercises after I put his backpack on.  When we arrived at school I asked him if he wanted to wear it for the quick jaunt into his classroom.  “No, Mommy.”  He said.  “It’s too heavy.”  Poor thing.  I felt bad.  This year they are required to have a full size backpack (with no wheels)…so we couldn’t use the smaller one from last year.

Ben’s preschool is run as a Co-op which basically means that parents must commit to serve as helpers in various classrooms periodically throughout the year.  So far I’ve helped in the nursery and in one of the four-year old classrooms.  On the days I work in the nursery I get to hang out with Jude!  And in the four-year old classroom there is a little boy who wears a green cape (made from one of his dad’s t-shirts) everyday.  He makes me laugh!  I’m also the room parent for Ben’s class this year.  I’ll admit, I don’t consider myself a real creative/artsy/crafty kind of person so I’ve been a little nervous about this job duty, but so far so good…we’ve got some fun things planned for the year.  Any ideas/suggestions for cool stuff to do for the class would be greatly appreciated!! 

Ben was a little hesitant entering his new classroom and saying goodbye to me on the first day, but once he spotted the cars and trucks and a few familiar faces from last year’s MMO class everything seemed a little bit better.  I love hearing from his teachers about the funny things he does in the classroom.  Last week his teacher said they were lining up to go outside on the playground when Ben belted out a “very animated” version of the Arkansas Razorback fight song.  The teacher said she waited for him to finish and then they all clapped for him.  And, for those of you not on Facebook, here’s a comment I posted several weeks ago from a conversation I had with Ben on the way home from school.

On the way home from preschool today Ben told me that he had fun playing “arbles” with his friends, Miles and Sammy. “What are arbles?” I asked him. “You know, Mommy, arbles…C-A-K…arbles.” Well, that helps clear it up!

Some of my favorite pieces of artwork Ben has brought home this year.  As you can see they’ve been learning about families and colors!

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On the first day of school Ben had to bring in a piece of construction paper decorated with pictures of family members.  So I put together this collage and he decorated it with lots of construction vehicle stickers.  His teacher laminated them and they use them as their placemats for lunch each day!  The director of the preschool told me she stopped by Ben’s classroom for lunch one day and sat next to him.  She said he told her all about his family in the pictures and “about his dog, Dakota!”


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  1. Jill

    I love the pictures of Ben in this… He is so cute and is growing up so fast.

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