Can I Get an “AMEN” Up in Here?

A few things about this video:

  1. Please excuse the unmade bed and unfolded laundry on the chair.  Apparently, I did not do my chores.
  2. Ben’s hair is wet in the video because he helped me give Jude a bath and decided he’d dip his own head into the bathtub.
  3. Each month at school the kids have a Bible Point and Response along with a memory verse to learn.  For the month of September the Bible Point was: “God Made Us” and the Response was: “Praise Him!” 
  4. Ben loves to go and get this devotional book off my nightstand (it was a birthday gift from my brother and his family…I highly recommend it…I love it!).  Then he’ll sit down and tell us that he’s going to read the “Bible” to us. 
  5. On this particular occasion he proceeds to share with us not only Bible stories but things unique to the Bible (i.e. “Someone is very special to do these words.”  “Guys do these words before they left.” “Some of the paper is very soft.”) 
  6. I love at the end of the video when I ask him if he wants to say anything else about Jesus he says, “Hi, Jesus.”


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3 responses to “Can I Get an “AMEN” Up in Here?

  1. Jill

    Isn’t it neat how they just hold on to what they learn about God. Khloee all the time is asking me questions about God. When can I meet him? NaNa has met him so why can’t I. I tear up every time she asks that question. I will tell her when your time here on earth is finished you will get to meet God and then she will ask “when will that be, mommy?” I will have to tell her, “I hope long enough to see you get married and have some children so I can be a grandma.”

  2. Elo

    This is absolutely precious !! Praise HIM !!

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