A few things about the video:

  • We started Jude on solids right after he turned six months old.  His first food…rice cereal.  He wasn’t a huge fan, but he’s now enjoying oatmeal very much!
  • He’s a two spoon kind of guy.  The kid loves spoons!  We’ve learned that if we don’t give him one spoon to hold and feed him with another one, he cries.  So, no need to cry through each feeding.  We just give him a spoon and all is well in the world.
  • He is a smacker!  Turn up the volume…it’s pretty cute!

A couple of things about this pic:

  • After introducing rice cereal and oatmeal, we started introducing vegetables…sweet potatoes, squash, carrots and now peas.  He’s not a fan of peas.  I can usually get him to try a few bites before he starts doing a little shiver thing each time he takes another bite, then he just refuses to eat anymore.
  • He’s messy.  We’ve been introducing the new foods at dinner time.  After we’re done, he goes straight into the bathtub! 


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2 responses to “Smacking

  1. What cute little smacky noises! I love watching his tongue trying to eat. It’s hilarious!

  2. Oma Leah

    Having bad withdrawls from no blog updates, I revisit old posts and discover new treasures – while before I focused on listening to the sacking on this one, today I was drawn to the tongue action. It adds a whole new dimension of preciousness…….. PS While I miss the blog, Joanna, this is in no way a whine or complaint. I’ll take your kind of quality over quantity any day – they are always well worth the wait !

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