Jude…7 Months

Jude turned 7 months old on November 5, 2010.  A couple of my favorite memories from this month…he started waving and saying “dada” for the first time!

We still take walks down to the dock in our neighborhood to feed the fish (and the occasional turtle).  I love this picture of Ben snuggled up next to Jude on a chilly morning down by the dock.  Ben is such a good big brother.  It’s common for him to tell us, “Jude is my best friend.”  And Jude is just as smitten with Ben.  They completely feed off of each other…they laugh together, “talk” together and during those not so fun moments, they cry together.  Jude usually wakes up from his afternoon nap before Ben and when it starts to get late and Ben still isn’t awake I send Jude in to wake him up!  I fly Jude right down on top of Ben and they both squeal with delight.  Jude gives a couple of tugs on Ben’s hair, an occasional slap in the face (not on purpose of course) and presto chango…Ben is wide awake!

Another favorite…this video…take a look…

Yep, it was the last night Jude took a bath in the baby tub.  There was water everywhere!!

I snapped this picture right after the bath video above.  I’m sure in about 15 years Jude will really appreciate that I put this picture on the blog, but I just love this picture…the dimples, the rolls…

And here they are…their first bath together, bubbles and all!  The first couple of baths together went great, but somewhere around the third bath or so Jude got an unexpected underwater kick from Ben.  I’m not so sure that Ben intended to kick him, but either way, kick him he did.  For the next couple of weeks if Ben even stepped foot in the bathroom while Jude was in the bathtub, Jude would cry hysterically and flail all over the tub.  Seriously, it took two weeks to get them back in the bathtub together.  Thankfully all is well with the two of them in the tub now!  Whew! 


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3 responses to “Jude…7 Months

  1. Oh my goodness. The rolls on that boy! I love the naked shot. He is getting so big! Wow! I love that they’re such good buddies. That’s so fun!

  2. Matt and Yvonne

    Jude is such a happy little guy! And Ben is a great big brother. (We’re of the opinion that the underwater kick was an accident, Ben just loves his little bro way too much to do that sort of thing on purpose.)

    We wish you guys didn’t live so far away! It was great seeing you around New Year’s, but now that our visit is over, it seems like we miss you all even more than before!

  3. Jill

    Oh Boy, Jo you are for sure going to have to keep the girls away from your boys! they are so cute! i can not wait to see you guys again!!

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