An Important Health Message From Dr. Ben*

Meet Dr. Ben…

Today concluded a two-week stent involving community helpers at Ben’s preschool.  Last week involved visits from local fire fighters and police officers and this week involved visitors from the medical community.  A dental hygienist visited Ben’s class today.  His teacher reported to me that the hygienist taught the kids the correct way to brush their teeth by demonstrating on a friendly alligator that just so happened to have very large  teeth.  Apparently, the hygienist also talked to them about the importance of good nutrition and the effects a poor diet can have on their teeth as reported to me by Ben. 

[Walking down the hallway leaving Ben’s preschool classroom.  Stuff Ben’s unusually full backpack in basket of stroller while pushing Jude, dodging parent and toddler traffic and occasionally calling out verbal commands to ensure Ben is walking not running.]  

Ben:  Mommy, Do you eat pizza and coke?  [Calling out over his shoulder as he walks a few steps ahead]

Me:  Yes.

Ben:  That’s bad for your teeth.

Me:  Oh?  What is good for my teeth?

Ben:  Milk.

[Load both boys back in the vehicle, drive 25 minutes home and unload both boys from vehicle.  Set them up with lots of fun toys to play with while finally eating lunch.  Finish lunch and sit down to play with boys for a few minutes before nap time routine begins.]

Ben:  [Leans in close and wrinkles his nose while attempting to smell my breath]  Mommy, Are you chewing gum? 

Me:  No, I just finished my lunch.

Ben:  Your candy lunch?

Me:  [Stifling a laugh]  No, I just ate a cookie after lunch.  Would you like one?  

Ben:  Yes, please.

Me:  Are cookies good for your teeth?

Ben:  Yes!


An interview later that same day with Dr. Ben…

Who knew that milk AND sausage are both good for one’s teeth!?!  But beware of the bad popcorn-soda and milk-soda!


I thought this whole dental hygiene lesson from Ben was very timely.  It just so happens that I had a dentist appointment yesterday for my first cleaning of the year.  And as luck would have it…I have a cavity!!  😦  I was really surprised!  The last time I had a cavity was about six or seven years ago.  Ugh!  Maybe Ben’s on to something…maybe all that pizza and coke I enjoy really is the culprit!   

*Dr. Ben is not a real doctor.  He is two.  Statements contained in this message have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.  Please consult your health care provider before beginning a new diet routine.


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4 responses to “An Important Health Message From Dr. Ben*

  1. Matt and Yvonne

    Interesting theories there by Dr. Ben.

    So what happens if you eat sausage pizza? Do the sausage and the pizza cancel each other out for a net neutral effect on your dental hygiene?

  2. that is really funny. what a funny guy. the kids both loved watching this!

  3. Jill

    That is too funny. Can i make an appointment with Dr. Ben?

  4. Jake and Joanna

    Ha Ha, Matt. Your comment made me laugh out loud. You and Ben must come from the same school of thought! 🙂

    Hey, Jill. I’m sure Dr. Ben would be happy to see you and tell you ALL about good dental hygiene!

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