“That’s Naughty, Jude!”

The day after Thanksgiving we surprised Ben and Jude with a special package.  Inside the package Ben found a scout elf sent to us by Santa Claus himself straight from the North Pole.  Thankfully our scout elf came with an instruction manual.  Here are a few things we learned:  The scout elf acts as Santa’s eyes and ears observing children and sending “naughty and nice” reports back to him during the Christmas season.  The elf was under orders not to speak to the boys and the boys had to follow one simple rule…they were not allowed to touch the elf or his Christmas magic might disappear.  Our elf was in hibernation in his box until we adopted him.  As soon as we opened the box and gave him a name he received his Christmas magic.  What is his name?  Well, we let Ben name him.  When we asked Ben what we should call the elf he, without any hesitation, exclaimed, “Frickie!”  And there you have it…a new Christmas family tradition began.

So each night after the boys would go to bed, Jake and I would find a new place for Frickie to reside for the next day.  And every morning Ben would wake up and hunt around the house until he found him.  Can you find him in the picture above?  Oh, yes, there he is…observing meal times from the light fixture!  On this particular afternoon the boys were sitting at the table while I finished making lunch when I heard Ben in typical bossy big brother fashion shout, “Nu uh!  That’s naughty, Jude!  You can’t thow your sippy cup from the table.  Santa won’t bring you any presents!”  I had a good laugh there in the kitchen and over lunch I explained to Ben that Jude wasn’t quite old enough to know any better.  We really enjoyed having Frickie in our home this Christmas season (he even traveled to Arkansas with us), but for now he’s “hibernating” in our attic until next year!

p.s.  Want to know more about scout elves?  Check out  http://www.elfontheshelf.com/#/home

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One response to ““That’s Naughty, Jude!”

  1. Matt and Yvonne

    Ben is a really smart little guy. He picks up on things right away. You don’t have to tell him twice.

    There were a couple of times while we were down there when Jude threw his sippy cup off of his little tray, and Ben would look at me and say, “Jude’s just a baby. He doesn’t know any better yet.”

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