Catching Up With Matt and Yvonne

At the beginning of the year, we had a special visit from Jake’s brother, Matt and his wife, Yvonne.  They had tickets to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans for the Arkansas vs. Ohio State football game and decided to take a little detour to Florida on the way!  I love this picture of the all the boys!  This was the first morning after they arrived.  Ben and Jude were sooo excited to see their aunt and uncle! 


In the afternoon on New Year’s Eve, Matt and Yvonne headed down to the parks for the spectacular fireworks show.  I heard a clip on the news that day that said New Year’s Eve is one of the busiest days of the year at the parks!  That being said (and the fact that we’d just gotten back into town and had no babysitter lined up for the boys) we opted to stay in for the evening.  Although it was crazy crowded, Matt and Yvonne seemed to really enjoy the show!  I think it will be a lot of fun to take the boys there when they get older!!

On New Year’s Day we stopped by the mall to ride the train (of course!) before eating lunch and checking out some of the after-Christmas sales!  

The following evening our babysitter came to watch the boys while we enjoyed a night out to dinner and a movie.  First, we headed to the theater to watch the latest film in The Chronicles of Narnia series, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  We all really liked it!  Next, we ate a late, but very tasty dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Seasons 52.


Yvonne bought Ben some really fun projects to work on while they were here.  All of them involved painting and Ben was all over it!  He loves to paint!  So on the morning before they left, Yvonne and Ben painted an airplane, a dragon and a picture frame!  Ben thought they all turned out super cool!  Thanks, Yvonne!!

Matt and Yvonne, Thanks so much for coming to visit!  We hope to see you all out on the West Coast this Fall!


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One response to “Catching Up With Matt and Yvonne

  1. Matt and Yvonne

    It was a lot of fun getting to see you guys! We can’t wait to see you all again, hopefully before Ben and Jude get too much bigger!

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