Jude…11 Months

In less than a week (April 5th), Jude will turn one…here’s a little recap of a few things he’s been up to at 11 Months! 

It turns out that this month has been one of major achievement for our sweet Jude.  He’s finally crawling scooting!  Yep, it turns out that his preferred method of travel is scooting on his hiney!  And for those of you that know me really well, you know that I also scooted as a baby and did not crawl.  While most babies start rocking on their hands and knees right before they crawl, Jude started rocking on his hands and bottom right before he began to scoot.  A few weeks ago we noticed him moving just a few feet over a short period of time.  And then, just a few days ago…He. Took. Off.  He seems so happy with his new-found freedom of movement!  Here are a couple of videos of him in action…

First up…playing ball.

In the “10 Months” post I wrote about Jude’s love for any kind of toy ball.  And now that he’s mobile, this is one of his favorite activities around the house…he plays catch…with himself.  He throws the ball, scoots to pick it up and then throws it again.  He literally makes laps around the bar in the kitchen. 

Second…discovering the dog bowls.

This next clip brought back memories of when Ben discovered the dog bowls.  Oh, how enticing these bowls are…to splash in the cool water and attempt to eat the crunchy dog food!  What a treat! 


We took the boys to the beach last week.  I couldn’t help but do a quick compare of these two photos.  The first is of Jude at 7 months with my dad and the second is of him at 11 months with Jake.  It’s amazing the difference just four months can make!  He seems so much bigger to me now!  He also loved the beach just as much the second time around as the first!  (Another post on our trip to the beach coming soon!)

I just love how happy Jude is in this video.  Plain and simple, the kid loves water!  He tries to swim in the bathtub all the time now.  Yes, swim.  He’ll just throw himself forward or backward in the water with no warning…then he squeals with great delight!  It scares me to death.  And this day at the beach was no different.  I’m pretty sure he would have tried to ride a few waves if we would have let him!


Some of my other favorite things Jude’s been up to this month…

Vroom Vroom.  He makes all kinds of cute “vroom vroom” noises when playing with his cars and trucks.  I can’t imagine where he learned that from!?!

High Fives.  If we hold up our hand and ask him for a high-five, he’s usually very excited to oblige.

The Point and Wave.  He likes to point and wave to each person and object on every page of the book when we read to him.  If there are ten people/objects on a page he’ll point and wave to each one.  We call it the “presidential” wave because he waves by turning his little hand from side to side versus opening and closing his palm into a fist!



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2 responses to “Jude…11 Months

  1. Jill

    That was good Jo! Jude in the beach picture I thought was Ben with Jake holding onto him at first until i read the rest of it. He is getting big! I can not wait until about, well… next wkd YEAH!!!!!!

  2. Matt and Yvonne

    Jude must have some serious upper body strength to pull himself around like that without using his legs.

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