1st Birthday Breakfast!

At 6:27 am on April 5, 2010, we welcomed sweet baby Jude into our lives and our hearts were forever changed.  Today, we celebrate his first birthday!!

Since Ben has preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week, our staple for breakfast on those mornings is typically frozen waffles with syrup topped with fresh fruit of some kind and a side of cheesy eggs or yogurt.  Today we went extra fancy…a marshmallow to hold the candle on top!  Plan A was to make homemade pancakes but when the storm clouds began to roll in I knew we’d need the extra time on the road to get Ben to school on time.  Plan B was to at least use some whipped cream I bought at the store last week to hold the candle in place, but apparently in our house, we LOVE whipped cream because when I began searching for it this morning I soon learned that we were out.  So, a frozen waffle with sliced fresh strawberries adorned with a marshmallow and candle on top it was!  Jude didn’t seem to mind.  The entire time we sang the Happy Birthday song to him he kept trying to grab the burning candle!  He also enjoyed the waffle and strawberries.  No marshmallow for him just yet though…it went to his big brother Ben…Ben was especially grateful.  It was a happy morning all the way around!

On Saturday we’ve asked our friends and family to join us for a kite flight in the park to celebrate Jude’s special day!  We can’t wait to celebrate!

Happy 1st Birthday, Sweet Jude!  We love you!


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7 responses to “1st Birthday Breakfast!

  1. SUCH a beautiful child. I love these pictures.

    Happy Birthday Jude! Have so much fun today!

  2. Becky Madsen

    WOW … Jude sure does look like the Schulte side of the family!!! 🙂

    • Jake and Joanna

      Hi, Aunt Becky! I agree…you can tell Jude definitely has some Schulte in him!! Hope you are all doing well! Love and miss you!

  3. Jill

    Love you Jude! Happy Birthday from Aunt Jill, Uncle David and all the kids Khloee, Kayla and Landon!

  4. Happy Birthday Jude. What a special day! We will celebrate with a Kite Day on Saturday here in Arkansas in celebration of you Jude. Happy Birthday!

    • Jake and Joanna

      Yay! LOVE that you are going to fly kites too! We tested out a couple of kites last weekend in preparation for Jude’s party this weekend and the boys had a blast!! Ben actually got his kite to fly a little bit and Jude was just giddy with excitement as he watched them fly in the sky! Have fun!!

      P.S. We have got to talk soon…miss you!
      P.P.S. Did you and Jake ever get to talk about CPA stuff?

  5. Matt and Yvonne

    Wish we could be there for the party!

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