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It’s Officially Official

This little gem came in the mail on Friday.  Ben, Jude and I had just settled into our seats around the table for lunch when the doorbell rang.  Ben immediately wanted out of his chair…anytime the doorbell rings Ben is always the first responder (not to worry, we have a child safety lock on the front door so he can’t open it by himself).  Ben shrieked with excitement when he saw the rather large envelope sitting on our front door step.  The kid is obsessed with mail trucks, UPS trucks, FedEx trucks (you get the idea) and the packages they deliver.  He was completely beside himself when he discovered that our mail woman left a package at our door!  He ever so carefully carried the envelope inside and delivered it to the top of the bar in the kitchen (a safe place out of reach from tiny hands) until Jake could open it when he returned home from work that evening.  

Ta-da!!  (Cue ray of light from heaven beaming directly down onto certificate with the angels triumphantly singing the Hallelujah Chorus!!)

Finally, after waiting for it with much anticipation the certificate that makes everything officially official had arrived!!  Certified!  Public!  Accountant!

As most of you probably remember, Jake began studying for the CPA exam in April of last year.  We found out that he passed the Financial Section in mid-June, then the Regulation Section in mid-September, followed by the Auditing Section in late November.  He took the fourth and final section of the exam (the Business Environment and Concepts Section) on November 30th.  And just in time for Christmas, we learned that he had passed it too!!  It was a fantastic Christmas present!!  I remember the day Jake returned home after taking the fourth section in November, he looked like a different person.  I’m pretty sure he was walking on air and he had a huge grin on his face!  I’m not sure that either of us realized just how stressful the entire year-long process had been for all of us (but mostly him) until it was all over!!

Since that time in December when we received the final “passing” letter, we’ve been waiting.  Waiting for the certificate that arrived in the mail on Friday documenting that everything was completed (he also had to take an Ethics Exam in January that he passed with flying colors)!  Ahhhh, success has never tasted so sweet!  Words can’t describe how incredibly proud I am of Jake for passing the exam (not to mention on the first try!!) and how happy and excited I am that he we can put it all behind us now too!  

Congratulations, Jake…ahem, excuse me, Mr. CPA…a job well WELL done!  We love you!!


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Come Fly Away ~ Jude’s 1st Birthday

Hello again!  After a month and a half hiatus from the blog, I’m back!  As usual, I’m finally getting around to posting about events  l o n g  after they’ve occurred, but these events are just too special not to write about at some point.  The past month and a half has been full of lots of fun things (and not so fun things like strep and an emergency room visit for Ben, two totally unrelated events, and our two month battle against an obnoxious respiratory infection with Jude involving lots of coughing, congestion and wheezing that eventually required breathing treatments).  Now, I’m back to blog about it…the fun stuff that is!  First up…Jude’s 1st birthday celebration!!

Is it just me or does it seem like we just brought this precious boy home?  And now here we are celebrating his first birthday!!  Love these comparison shots of Jude at one week and one year!!

In honor of Jude’s special day we hosted a kite flight at our neighborhood park for our friends and family.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather…it was a gorgeous day, and we even had a light breeze…just pefect for the kiddos to fly their kites!  Love this “cousins” pic of Khloee, Ben and Jude enjoying a yummy picnic lunch out on the lawn!!  Of course I had to get some action shots of Ben and Khloee flying their kites too!  Jude had lots of fun watching the kites fly by! 

We also enjoyed chocolate and vanilla flavored cupcakes frosted with white icing to resemble clouds.  I purchased a few kite cupcake toppers and a kite smash cake topper from a company on Etsy called Mary Had a Little Party.  They were the perfect touch to our little kite party!  And my sister Jill and I even got a little crafty and made the kite banner with Jude’s name on it (see first picture)!  We used pinwheels for decoration, and we gave them away as party favors along with “Spring” inspired goodie bags.  Each goodie bag had a small planter filled with seeds, potting soil, gardening tools and gummie worms!  I also got lots of inspiration from these websites too:  Hostess with the Mostess and The TomKat Studio.

One of my favorite parts about all first birthday parties is the smashing of the cake!!  Little did I know that Jude would smash little fists full of cake all over me!!  My sweet friend Jen grabbed my camera to take a picture of Jake and me with the birthday boy and before I knew it, wham, a smack of cake right in my face!  I love how she captured it in this picture…complete surprise!  (A little sidenote:  When I ordered Jude’s smash cake (from Target) I didn’t realize that it was going to be quite that tall (see first pic), but I love how Jude totally demolished it!  While he did eat a lot of it, he spent the majority of his time smashing and kneading it with both hands…needless to say, he was covered in cake!) 

Here’s a fun clip of us singing the Happy Birthday song to Jude!  (Another funny little sidenote:  Just as we called all the kids over to sing I realized that I’d forgotten one teeny tiny very important detail…the matches to light the candle!  So I jumped in the car, drove the two minutes back to our house, grabbed a box of matches from the kitchen drawer and drove the two minutes back to the park.  We corralled the kiddos again and tried to light the candle.  It’d only stay lit for a few seconds before it would burn out again.  Well, we did pray for a windy day…and we got it…I couldn’t complain!  Finally, we sang to Jude without a lit candle!!  And all of the sweet, and might I add very patient, partygoers finally received their much-anticipated cupcakes!!  ha ha)

So we decided to take a family pic after the party.  Probably not the best idea, but we worked it out.  A quick shirt change for Jude since his other one was no longer red, but white with icing (notice the icing on my jeans) and we bribed him with the pinwheel…he wouldn’t cry as long as he was holding it!  And notice the bag of gummie worms in my hands…I told Ben if he would smile for the picture he could have some…it worked like a charm!  Last but not least, my sweet hubby…he and his friend Jeremy stayed to clean up after the party (thank you, Jake and Jeremy!!) while Jill and I took the kids home to put them down for a nap.  Jude fell asleep in the car on the two-minute drive back to our house.  He was one exhausted birthday boy!

I love that my sister, Jill, and my niece, Khloee, flew in for the party!  It was really really special to have them here!  Jill, thank you for being such a big help with the party!  I couldn’t have pulled it all together without you!  And Ben just loves his cousin Khloee.  The night after Jill and Khloee flew home we were eating dinner as a family when midway through a bite Ben completely melted down into a puddle of tears.  I’ve never seen him cry the way he did that night.  Sure he’s cried plenty of times over a skinned knee or out of frustration when playing with a toy, but never like this, never over someone!  All of a sudden he slumped down in his chair, buried his face in his hands and began sobbing.  So for the rest of dinner I rocked him in my lap and we both cried.  It broke my heart to see him so upset.  So now, anytime we see an Allegiant airplane fly over our house Ben asks if it is Khloee coming back to see him.  Sweet boy!  We love you, Jill and Khloee!

Here’s a slide show with more pics from the party!  Micheal Buble’s “Come Fly With Me” is supposed to play in the background but the audio was disabled when I posted it to YouTube.  If you know the song, hum along or better yet, if you have it downloaded on your computer, just turn it up and let it play!  Enjoy!

Happy 1st Birthday, Jude!  We love you to the moon and back! 


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