Jude…13 Months

Jude turned 13 months old on May 5th!  Here are a few memorable moments…

Jude hearts forks and spoons.  I know it sounds kind of silly to even mention it, but Jude feeds himself amazingly well with a fork and spoon for his age.  Maybe it is so shocking to me because Ben is the polar opposite when it comes to using utensils while he eats.  He believes his hands work just fine to eat just about everything!  We are constantly reminding him, “Please use your fork and spoon.”  We began introducing solid foods to Jude when he turned six months old, and it seems like right from the beginning he always wanted to feed himself.  In this post I even referred to him as a “two spoon kind of guy” because he loved spoons so much…we couldn’t get him to eat unless he was holding one too!  And at 13 months he has mastered the use of his fork and spoon better than, well, some three-year olds.  He typically won’t even begin eating until he has the appropriate utensil in hand.  The strangest thing I’ve seen him eat with a fork?  A cheese puff!

Sneaky Baby / #1 and #3.  Before Jude began to crawl he could only sit and longingly gaze upon Ben’s toys from a distance.  But, oh how things have changed now that he can motor his little self on over to those toys!  Lots of big brother’s toys lined up in a nice and tidy row + 1 swipe from little brother’s tiny hand = Major meltdown mode for big brother!  And as the swiping continued on a frequent basis, Ben dubbed baby Jude the “Sneaky Baby.”  Not long after Jude received said nickname I started finding things like this around the house.  (Yes, that is Ben’s tractor and trailer hanging from our bedroom doorknob.)

When I asked Ben what he was doing he replied, “Don’t touch it Mommy, I’m making sure the Sneaky Baby doesn’t get my toys!”  Of course Sneaky Baby does continue to swipe Ben’s toys from time to time and when Ben starts to go into meltdown mode I like to remind him that Jude is one and he is three and that they are both going to have to learn how to share.  So what does Ben think about all of that?  Well, he dubbed Jude with a new name, #1, and he calls himself #3!      

Curly, Larry and Moe would be proud.  If you ask Jude to point to your ear, he’ll very gingerly grab your earlobe and maybe give it a little tug.  No big deal, right?  Do not be fooled, the kid should come with a warning label.  If you ask him to point to your eye, he will try to jab you in the eye with cat-like reflexes while yelling out “eye!”  If you ask him to point to your nose he will try to stick his little finger up your nose!  If you ask him to point to your mouth he will try to pry your mouth open with his bare hands!  Oh, and he thinks all of these things are hysterical…they always elicit lots of squawks from him!  Who knew that teaching him the various parts of the face could be so dangerous!  

I love these playful photos of Jude!  He does look a bit mischievous and a little “sneaky” after all, doesn’t he!!


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3 responses to “Jude…13 Months

  1. Matt and Yvonne

    That’s hilarious that Jude uses a fork to eat cheese puffs! For some reason, that reminded me of an old Seinfeld episode.

    Speaking of forks and spoons, Yvonne and I bought Ben and Jude some utensils that we look forward to giving them the next time we see them! We got them each a fork and spoon, but we didn’t get the “pusher” utensil because we weren’t exactly sure what it was supposed to be used for.

    I can’t get over just how clever Ben is to think of ways to keep his toys out of Jude’s hands. I mean, I was a pretty smart kid, but I never even thought of hanging my toys on the doorknob so that Jake couldn’t reach them when we were that age. I’m sure that Ben will learn to share with his little brother soon enough, because he’s a good boy, but I speak from experience when I say that sharing can be one of the hardest things for a big brother to learn to accept. After all, we were here first!

    • Jill

      this last picture looks just like Ben… I love how Ben puts his trucks on the door that is great… Smart kid… Jude is getting so big… i can not wait to see them again and of coarse you and Jake.

  2. Matt and Yvonne

    One other thing… since Ben doesn’t like forks and spoons, maybe we should take him to Assab for dinner on the same day we go to the Exploratorium… although I know Jake would probably rather go to Cha Cha Cha if we’re in that part of town. But maybe we can visit the latter for lunch and the former for dinner, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the boys’ nap schedules.

    Maybe we should fly Oma Leah out here so she can see the boys while you all are out here! I’ll look into it and see what I can do.

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