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The Big Stage

Standing on the big stage in our sanctuary at church while peering out at the faces of some extremely proud parents must seem a little intimidating for a three-year old.  For this particular event in May, Jude stayed at home with our babysitter while Jake and I spent a special evening with Ben at the end of year program for his 2’s preschool class!  Dressed in his required red shirt, we dropped Ben off at his classroom so that he could prep for the show!  Ben seemed a little nervous and after giving him a quick kiss on the forehead, we assured him that we’d wave really really big from our seats to make sure he could see us. 

We made our way into the sanctuary only to find that it was already quite crowded.  We did find what we thought were decent seats in the middle section about midway back.  My plan was to walk up close enough to get Ben’s attention when he walked out on the stage and then head back to my seat.  However, right before the ceremony began we were asked to remain in our seats.  Bummer.  Every part of me wanted to get up anyway.  Afterall, I had told Ben I’d make sure he could find us in the crowd.  But I also didn’t want to be “that parent”.  And I certainly didn’t want to break the rules.  So as hard as we tried…we waved and called out Ben’s name…we could not get his attention.  I could tell he was searching for us the entire time he was on stage.  Thankfully, the show did go on and he did great!!!

Ben’s musical debut included two tunes…Jesus Loves Me and Jesus Loves the Little Children.  After the last song was sung Ben exited stage right where I finally got to meet up with him!!  The first words out of his mouth were, “Mommy, where were you?!?”  When we arrived back at our seats where Jake was waiting, all seemed well in the world again!!

We wanted to end the night with a special dinner of Ben’s choice…McDonald’s!

It was his second happy meal ever and he loved. every. bite!  And we loved. every. moment. with. him!!!


I just had to add one last picture.  Toward the end of the school year we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week.  There was a theme for each day of the week and on one particular day each child was supposed to write a note to his/her teacher about what makes her so great!  I interviewed Ben and loved his response for Ms. Hale, his home room teacher.  “Ms. Hale is a great teacher because God made her!”  Heart melting.

[The first three photos in this post are courtesy of Mike & Ann Visual Storytellers.  Thank you!!]


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