“Daddy is the Birthday Boy!!”

Ben has been walking around the house today chanting, “Daddy is the birthday boy!!”  Oh, how we love birthdays at our house…especially Ben!!  Here’s a special birthday message to Jake from two of his biggest fans…Ben and Jude!!

A few things about this video:

  1. Lovely how Ben couldn’t make it through the video without a little potty talk.  Did you catch the word “dookie” that he blurted out a few times?  And now every time he watches the video he laughs uncontrollably at himself saying the word dookie.  Nice Ben, real nice!  (And just for the record, we are trying to teach him that potty talk outside of the bathroom is inappropriate!!)
  2.  So glad that Jude didn’t try to jump off the side of Ben’s bed.  Did you see him eyeing the edge?  He certainly was thinking about it.  The kid loves to throw himself off things just to see what happens.  Yep, I definitely predict some hospital visits in our future with that one!
  3. Did you notice the dirt on Ben’s knees?  The kid comes home from preschool wearing at least half of the dirt from the playground!

Happy Birthday, Jake!!  May this be your best year ever!!  We can’t wait to continue your birthday celebration with the rest of your family in San Francisco this weekend!!!  We love you!!

p.s.  Today we are also celebrating several other special birthdays…Jake’s cousin Derek, Jake’s cousin’s daughter Savannah and my cousin Molly’s son Elijah!  Happy Birthday to you all!!  A special day indeed!


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3 responses to ““Daddy is the Birthday Boy!!”

  1. Jill

    Happy Birthday, Jake! Sorry we didn’t call and tell you… Was sort of crazy at our house last night! Love you!! David, me, Kayla, Landon and Miss Khloee! ( we are having to call Khloee Miss Princess now!) 🙂 YEAH!!!

  2. Oma Leah

    Boys! Wow…. what happened in the 10 seconds after you finished filming? I have a vision of a broken camera, tears, and a couple of forehead bumps….
    I am so glad Jake is surrounded by so much love and attention. And cake and pie.

  3. I’m with Leah – the way the video ended it seemed they were both going to go flying off the bed. They are TOO cute.
    I was cracking up at Ben’s answers to your questions about Jake. Every one of them had to do with pizza or cake. Precious boys.
    Oh, the potty talk. Why is it so darn funny to little boys? (Ok. Big boys too) Jackson laughs hysterically when he starts talking like that. I can just imagine them together at New Year’s…

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